Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This and that

The horses have settled in over at the stud'splace. They are not in a pasture with any other horses but the other horses can come up to the fence where they are. I go over there twice a day to check on them. I could never leave Precious anywhere again without seeing her every day.

School starts tomorrow. I cannot believe how early it is starting. Brook is not happy with who her teacher is, not because she has heard anything bad about her but because oon the supply list she lists needing another notebook in addition to the 2 she already needs. WOW. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of work! Her teacher is going to check and see if she can be tested to be in the gifted program. Once again her class will be in a trailor. Our area has grown so much that we have outgrown the school. I believe we have 10 trailors now. We are lucky at our school. The kids get regular PE, art, and computer classes. Music,unfortunately is not taught.

My weight loss class has ended. I have only lost 5 pounds but I feel so much better. Next month special weapons classes start. Brook is already signed up for it. Master Lee says I can sign up also. I am seriously considering it. It will be a class on using a bo staff. Now if I could be as good as this 8 YEAR OLD!!!

Has anybody tried those Air Wick micro air freshers? The one that gives a little puff every so often? I bought one and it does so much better than the scented oil plugins.

I need to get busy. I just spent the last couple hours reading journals!



  1. Celeste, you are one busy girl and it sounds like Brook will also be busy, I guess it is that time to get ready to get back to school.  Well I'm proud of you, you seem to be accomplishing some of the things that you wanted to and you still take time out to post in your journal. I don't blame you one little bit about worrying about Precious, I hope things will go well for her. gg/Jackie

  2. Celeste
    I can't believe how early kids go back to school nowadays.  All of my summer staff are students and it really hurts trying to make it through the last month of our season without them.  Most will help out on the weekends until Labor day, but I lose a couple of the college kids who go away to school.  I say go for the bo staff training!  I'd love to try it myself.

  3. I'm proud to say that here they have pushed back the start date until Aug. 27th!!!  I feel for Brook going back so soon.  Hopefully the extra notebook just means extra organized, not more work.  Bubba was placed in G/T in kindergarten.  Was there until 3rd grade.  I pulled him out and put him in a transition class they had.  (kids headed in/headed out of G/T) He did so much better!  Then he finished school in regular classes.  Of course there were some who took to it and run with it.  Some kids just do better being the "star" of a regular class.  And some like Bubba's good friend thrived on the challenge and became graduating class valdictorian.  -  Barbara

  4. Man, that child is fast!!! I wish Amanda would take it!

  5. good luck with the horses and thx for the air wisk advice, im gonna try them.

  6. We used to start just as early but for some reason this year they are starting later not until August 20th...I have no idea why....we also have outgrown our school system....LOTS OF TRAILERS.....They just built a new high school 7 years ago...which is new for this area and it already has 30 something trailers so now another high school is going to be built in the next year....just crazy....
    take care

  7. I'm glad you are able to see Precious every day while she is "visiting".  School starting tomorrow for Brook does seem awfully early.  I hope she does well and has a good teacher.

  8. The poor kids don't have much summer time off anymore. They start here on Aug. 8th. We have been slam full each day with parents wanting to get all the kids eyes checked before school. I would be glad to drop 5 pounds. good job!!!!!! Have a blessed day

  9. Glad you can go check on Precious everyday ~ I would think she likes to see you as well ~ enjoyed the video that young Lady certainly can move fast ~ Ally x

  10. The school holidays have only just started here Celeste and they don`t go back until September. I must admit they do go quickly though.  I use those type of air fresheners all the time and I think they`re great. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  11. As for school starting, "It's the most wonderful time...of the year!" as the song says!  LOL!


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