Wednesday, August 22, 2007

darn it

Darn it. I missed yesterday. I did get a load of clothes done.  (never seems to end)


Yesterday was another hot day. I wonder when it will end. The trees are already losing their leaves so as of right now we will not have any fall color. The seasons are changing once again. I don't mean summer to fall, fall to winter sort of change. I am talking about change. Changes that are being contributed to global warming, holes in the ozone, stuff like that. I think it is just part of the natural cycle. I believe all these changes in the climate and the earth is supposed to happen. Hasn't it always been survival of the fittest? If you are rigid you will break and will not survive. Nature culs out the weak.


Sorry, I guess my mind started thinking.


I posted a picture of the stud on C's Life.



  1. it is like 61 degress here I have a sweat jacket on and it is normaly in the 90's here!
    I know the feeling about laundry a never ending chore!
    Brittany and I were talking about globale warming this morning and she blames it on the 80's,  big hair era, and how it took almost half a can of hair spray to keep those bangs up!  
    I think the warm weather is due back here on friday!


  2. Leaves are changing here as well and we have the heating on!

  3. People shake their heads and sigh when I begin to think.  ;o)  But I do think you have a valid point.  -  Barbara

  4. This is my second try at posting a comment, I'm going to leave it at that and try again, just wanted you to know I stopped by to say Hey. gg/Jackie

  5. I agree with you there Celeste, I`m sure the weather changes are a natural thing that would happen without so-called global warning. The trees here are yellowing already and like you say, theres a good chance Autumn will pass us all by.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  6. your right, I think planet Earth is  evolving just like  the rest of  the  universe.

    off to see the  stud!

  7. I don't know....106 degreees in KY is unheard of, and is making me a believer in global warming!  Sometimes I think Mother Earth might be evolving to get rid of humans...

  8. I'm with Kas. We think ourselves so imporant, but we really are expendable to Mother Earth. Margo

  9. I hope it don't burp up some dinosours  LOL...hope you have a great week...I think I should use my spare time to clean out the closet and find what I can wear for this fall...Hugs,TerryAnn

  10. Somebody's mind is on something...


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