Friday, August 17, 2007


It is weird how when you stop doing something, how hard it is to get going again. It seems that it is the things we enjoy that it happens to. Like cooking. I know people that love to cook yet they don not do it anymore. Something happened and they stopped and never seem to get going at it again. Here is another one, writing in a journal. When you put the pen down(or keyboard) it seems so hard to start back up again. The bad habits are real easy to get going again. Gambling, smoking,(excuse my language) whoring around, doing drugs, drinking, those bad habits are so easy to get going again.

Starting today I am going to work on making a good habit be in my life again. Actually I am going to do 2 good habits. The first is one is to make an entry everyday in one of my 2 journals. The second one is to do a load of laundry everyday until I am caught up and can no longer do a full load everyday. I will not wash a small load unless it is delicates. Uses too much water and electricity.

I will be back later today. Pat is now up and at em. I need to fix breakfast for him.



  1. LOL I wonder why it is Bad Habits are easy to take up again ~ but the good ones arn't ~ good luck with your 2 good habits ~ Ally x

  2. Like we used say back when, "Good Luck Frank Buck", haven't thought of that saying in a coons age.  But I really mean it Good Luck, I get so disgusted with myself lately, it's like everything I say I will start to do every day is like a day dream, I just brush it aside. Seems my sense of obligation gets weaker every day. gg/Jackie

  3. Be looking forward to your entry everyday. Paula

  4. I wondered if you were going to just fade off into the sunset like other have done in the past!  (I'm one of those who doesn't cook like she used to.)

  5. yep, I know what you mean.

    My husband is a whiz at rebuilding cars/trucks, any kind of motor, any kind of vehicle or machine. He used to do it as a hobby and for extra cash. These days, he takes all our vehicles to the shop and has someone else do it.....he hasnt rebuilt anything except one of our old 4-wheelers that now runs better than the 2005 ATV.

    oh well.

  6. Another habit that is good and so hard to keep is to just BE in your body.  I often feel like I'm moving in a fog and not touching the earth.  I need to remember to just be still and breathe.


  7. A habit is born out of repetition.  Best to you in your new pattern!  -  Barbara

  8. I know what you mean. I used to LOVE to cook! Now that I'm single I just seem to have gotten away from it.
    I will look forward to your entries.

  9. Oh yes!  It takes so long to get back into a good habit once we've let it slide.  That one load of laundry a day is a good goal to have; I'm always surprised at how quickly you can get caught up with that one.

  10. Sometimes, I think journaling is a bad habit!  LOL!

    Mine is the gym, I can't seem to get back into it!  Ugh!
    As for laundry, my washing machine is on the fritz and I am running out of underwear!  LOL!


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