Sunday, August 26, 2007

babies, Precious

We went and picked up our horses today.

Precious did not mate. Yesterday she was given a date rape drug ( not really but that is what I felt like). She was given a sedative to calm her down and allow him to mount. She kept looking at me and I cried. When she still ran out from under him I said no more. She was not just hurt physically, she was hurt mentally after what happened last time. Next year we will try to artificially inseminate her. My baby is home where she belongs. I will have the vet check Crystal this week to see if she is pregnant. If not we will try again next spring with her also.

Brook's training intensifies now. Black belt testing is a lot harder than any of the other tests. She has to punch out 3 candles  without touching the flames. Sounds easy huh? It is not! I have tried it. She has to break 50 boards and a cinder block. She does get to wrap her hands up for the breaking.

On top of these tests she is testing for the gifted program at school. AND she is now in an after school class for computers and stuff. 2 hours a day of practice for Tae Kwon Do, 1  hour class of TAe 4 times a week, 1 hour computer class twice a week and 1 hour of homework 3 times a week,  and 30 minutes of reading daily.... She does have time to eat in there somewhere.

Okay Pat is waiting for me. We are going to watch The Sting.


  1. Poor Precious! Coming from the Arab world, I prefer AI for almost all situations anyway. It is not a difficult thing to do (I can do all of the steps.. they aren't complicated), and, since there is no actual interaction between stallion and mare, the odds of an injury are almost nill and also the odds of infection go waaay down. Eh, just my opinion, but if I was breeding a mare I would try to do it that way if at all possible. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Crystal though.

    Wow! Brook must really be focused (or at least you must be) to get thru that schedule! I'm watching anxiously for her to do her Black Belt testing... I think that is sooo cool.

  2. WOW tell Brook I think she is some kind of girl and that's all good, I just know your chest puffs up when you have her, I know mine would, I'd wear a smile from here to forever ever land.  Poor horsey I think I would of cried with you had I been there. gg/Jackie

  3. You see, I snuff candles out, blowing them out offends the fire gods, or somesuch nonsense that Miss Patti has me believing in, lol!

  4. I don't blame you.  I wouldn't have been able to have forced that either.  I hope you do it artifically next year, and hopefully Crystal is pregnant.

  5. If you can get a video of her punching the candles out I'd love to see it!!
    Sorry about Precious. I'd have been upset too.


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