Thursday, August 23, 2007

Black belt

Tonight we had the black belt testing meeting after class. The intense training has now begun. There are 4 pretests to do. The third one will be the hardest. How many 10 year olds do you know that can go 12 hours WITHOUT talking? That is right, 12 hours of no talking just reading, drinking, eating and bathroom. They will spend 12 hours in dead silence at Barnes and Nobel. I will not be here for that one. That is the weekend I will be in Virginia.

Yep. The weekend of  September 22nd  I will be attending my nephew's wedding in Virginia Beach. The reception will be on the Naval base. Anybody in that area?

I need some cooler temperatures!

Labor day weekend Pat and I are booked in a motel in Helen Georgia. Hopefully there will be some rekindling there.

Aren't these 2 cutie pies? They are orphan kitties. Their mama died before they opened their eyes. They are tiny! These 2 are at the barn where my mares are at right now.


That's all for now. Good night everyone.


  1. Celeste it is hard to believe a 10 year old can be quite for that long, she must really be dedicated.

    Oh golly hope you have a wonderful trip both to the wedding and to Helen Ga., it should be cooler up that high, let us know when you get back what the difference in the weather is.  Oh my goodness those kitties are darling.


  2. I'll be up to my elbows in cock...tails on Labor Day weekend.  Here's hoping you get a little sumtin sumtin!  

  3. cute kitties...glad she is getting her black belt...She is a very smart 10 year old
    Donna In TEXAS

  4. All the best to Brook!  And hoping you and hubby enjoy the weekend getaway very much!  -  Barbara

  5. I believe Brook is dedicated enough to do it, she is quite amazing. Have a happy happy filled Labor Day weekend, and a great trip to the wedding. Margo

  6. I'll be thinking of Brook as she holds on to the quiet.  


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