Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun day

Today HAS NOT been a fun day. Pat and I went out to breakfast today at the Golden Corral. It is to be his only meal today. The rest of the day has been him getting a gastric lavage. In other words I am washing his guts out. Tomorrow morning he is going in for a colonoscopy. He is not happy. He claims I am torturing him and enjoying it.

We are having a break from the heat. It is 99 with a heat index of 104.

Crystal is out of season now. Hopefully she is carrying a baby. Precious is becoming interested in the stud. Tomorrow she is getting a hormone shot.With any luck she will be....wanting the stud.(ok horny!)

Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Oh I sure did enjoy the pics, I was mezmerized I had to stop and shake my head to move on, beautiful.  You tell Pat I agree with him, you are tortturing him and I'll bet you had a big grin on your face, (who me a trouble maker) LOL. Take care and I hope things go well for Pat, Ive been down that road already. gg/Jackie

  2. Watching the slideshow was so calming, I just watched and watched, forgetting that I was here to read.  Tell Pat that I will be praying for him tomorrow.  Colonoscopy is every man/woman's nightmare.  He'll make it through.  I did.  Though, and don't tell him this - for me the medication to put me in twilight didn't work and it was miserable.  Since it needs to be done every so often, I'll be praying they have better medicine by the time mine comes around again.  Many blessings to you, Pat and Brook, Penny

  3. As I'm reading all the journals I get on alert, I'm finding almost everyone is having a bummer weekend.  Is it a blogging virus of some sort?  The heat index is 111 here.  SIGH


  4. Poor Pat!  Poor you!  Keeping you both in my prayers!  -  Barbara

  5. I didn't have a problem with that test. Only thing when i got home I didn't know how I got dressed to come home. lol Hope his comes out okay. Paula

  6. Oh Lord......poor, poor Pat...:-(  Now get that evil grin off your face Celeste!!! lol lol
    Seriously, I do hope everything comes out okay.....(no pun intended :) and I will say a little prayer for him... Colonoscopy is a very scary thng to have to face...
    I like some of the others, found myself just going through the pictures over and over, calming...I loved that one of you and Pat!!!
    Take care and God bless,
    love ya,

  7. tell him if you really wanted to torure him you would eat a wonderful meal in front of him lol
    Donna In TEXAS

  8. Celeste your slide show was lovely ~ Hope Pat gets on Ok ~ Hope Crystal is carrying a baby ~ Lets hope Precious follows her suit :o) ~ Ally x

  9. "colonoscopy"
    One of the most dreaded words for straight males!  LOL!

    Horny horses.  You certainly live an interesting life!  LOL!

  10. Poor Pat!  I hope he at least had a great breakfast at Golden Corral.


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