Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cats can sleep anywhere! The tiger stripped cat on the back of the couch belongs to my niece. He is a total laid back kitty. He was born feline leukemia positive to a stray cat that she took in. This cat is only 3 months old in this picture. He is going to be a very big boy.

The siamese looking kitten and the tiger stripped laying on the porch are fullblooded brothers. Their names are Smokey and Tiger.
The fluffy yellow and the fluffy tiger stripped cats are brothers from the same litter. Sweethearts, both of them. Big Yellow and Fluff.
Susie is mama.I cannot figure out why she is taking this uncomfortable place to sleep!
I love my kitties and they love me. Sometimes it feels like they are the only ones that love me.



  1. My daughter had a tiger cat, she was to cute we all loved her, but I think it would be real easy for me to fall in love with that white cat that has shoes to match her ears, and the cat in the light hood looks like she is my kind of cat also, I gues I just like the antics of cats, thanks for sharing. And never forget we love you too. gg/Jackie

  2. Celeste
    I hear you, girl and sometimes I feel the same way about our cats, too.

  3. I love these pictures!

  4. I love your cat pictures and I love you too. Cats sleep in strange places and seem to be comfortable. Paula

  5. You are loved...and not just by the felines!


  6. Celeste your Kitties are beautiful and they look really relaxed ~ love the photo of the one laying on his/her back :o) ~ I am sure there are alot of us who love you too ~ Ally x

  7. I love my cat and my dog. sometimes I know they are the only ones that love me. no matter what. seems like everyone else always wants something from you. my pets are well worth the work and money. I think everyone should have pets.

  8. lol they are all very cute

  9. My cat just had kittens day before yesterday so we are loaded down with them...LOL...Hugs,TerryAnn

  10. They are all so cute! All so different.  


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