Monday, March 26, 2007

Sebastian, part 4

Sebastian has always been my baby. When I worked 12 hours shifts he would sleep with me all day long in a hot room. I did not have A/C so it was hot! When my husband was home,( which was happening less and less) he would lay between us. Once a claw went where it really hurts(on him not me) and he was banned from the bedroom when he was there. After that I slept on the couch. Yep, you got it, I picked my cat over that person! The marriage was over long before that, he had his girlfriends and I had me. Anyway, we split up and I met Pat and Sebastian was happy. Sebastian was a shy cat and did not allow people to handle him for some reason he decided that Pat was worth it! He took right up with him.
One fall day we moved lock, stock and barrel down to Georgia on Pat's farm. On this farm was a cat named Puss. Puss was a Tortoise shell calico Manx. She was a tiny little thing. She just loved Pat. She would go running up to him and jump up on his shoulder. That cat had springs for legs!. Well she walked in the home and , you would have thought that a vicious dog was there or something. She spotted Sebastian and World War 3 broke out! Sebastian was totally cowed by this cat. Puss weighed all of 5 pounds to Sebastian's 15 pounds. Sebastian would get away from the cat from hell everyday. He never did fight with her, just ran as fast as he could. One day Puss chased Sebastian down the hall and it was a dead end, no where to go,all the doors were closed. I follow calling to Puss. Puss is slinking towards Sebastian with every hair up on her back, a low growl coming from her throat. She was dead serious, damage was to be done. I am not stupid and I know I cannot catch Puss, I valued my blood far to much to do that! Sebastian is cowering up against the wall, no where to go. The demon from hell takes after him and he turns. All at once Sebastian figures out he can fight! Orange fur and black mottled fur flies, the sounds emitting from the cats were horrifying! I knew that Puss was going to kill Sebastian( I had already seen her kill one tom cat). I hear an ear piercing scream and Puss goes running away! Sebastian is standing, his sides heaving, his fur puffed out, alive with no signs of blood. Puss goes outside,never to enter the house again. Pat follows her outside and calls to her as she walks down the driveway.She stops and looks back at him and then looked away and kept walking. For the first time ever that cat did not come to him when he called. She never again asked to come in the house. Eventually she left the farm all together.
After the big fight, Sebastian started going outside for short periods of time.

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  1. Cats can sure get their message across. Puss wasn't happy with the new people moved in. My Susie is really angry with me tonight because its raining. She always thinks its my fault. Paula

  2. I wish I'd had a little of Sebastian in me when I was bullied in highschool.  I guess I've always wished I'd just have fought back.


  3. Isn't it strange how our pets can become role models?  LOL

  4. Bless his heart......Sebastian figured it was sink or swim time and he decided to swim! lol
    Poor old Puss....guess he found out who was the real boss of the house, huh?

    Sebastian knew Pat would be a good partner for you Celeste!
    love ya,

  5. Wow...Sebastian figured out how tough he really is!  LOL!

  6. As the saying goes Celeste one day we all meet our match.LOL.interesting story.I loved this LOL.I do hope PUSS found somewhere safe though and someone to love him where he could live alone.Obviosly this is what he or she wanted no more ctas a round her or him.Take Care Have a great day.

  7. Puss reminds me a little of L.E.S.Co, my attack she-cat.

    Question:  Don't get me wrong, I am loving these rememberances about dear Sebastian but, why the entries?  I am always afraid what the last entry might say!

  8. Good for Sebastion-it must be nice to learn that one can fight and win when put in a corner! Of course, poor Puss, put in her place, and having to face her own loses. Hope she found another farm to run. Margo

  9. It sounds awfully busy for a "do nothing" weekend.

    But, it also sounds like you enjoyed it!


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