Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Catch up and stuff.

I had a pretty good weekend. The weather was terrific! I love it when the temperatures are  in the lower 80's. It is Spring for sure now!

Saturday was just a do stuff day. Nothing major. I did not get to ride llike I had hoped, actually we did not ride all weekend. Pat just was not feeling quite up to par. The kids came over Saturday afternoon and we had a cook out. I grilled hamburgers and chicken. We ate outside on the table for the first time this year. It was nice not being bothered by flies and other bugs. I don't know where the bugs went to but they were not around us! LOL After dinner we planted another pecan tree. I have 2 blueberry bushes to plant also. The ground had not been warm enough to transplant so that will be a project this week.


Sunday was another do nothing day. It was a good day though. Johnny and I put up a fence across the field. We ran out of wire so  it is not finished yet. It is only a temporary fence while I work on the perm fence.

We made an appointment for Wednesday to take the horses in to get shoes put on. We have gotten tired of farriers coming out to the farm, charging a fortune and NOT putting 4 shoes on! We are taking them to Casey and Sons Horseshoeing School to have it done.

Pat and I rode to Fort Oglethorpe to go to TS Tractor Supply to get some heeled shoes for the horses. We do not like the shoes that they use at the school. While there I had a grand time! I found wormer on sale for less than $4 a dose! Just in time too! The horses are due theirs this week. We found a new rotor and condensor for the tractor, which was needed. I also got  a 3 tier saddle rack! Right now I have the saddles on 3 single racks and they are in Brook's bedroom(which looks like a tornado has hit it). The 3 tier rack will not take up as much space and so I will have room in there to walk again!  They had a tiller there that I really want. It is a pull behind kind with it's own motor. I would love to  have that for my garden! The possibilities! On our way home we just stopped at Micky D's and grabbed some burgers for dinner.

We got the horses out and gave them a good brushing. I was getting lots of hair off of Precious. She has a very thick winter coat on her still. Crystal is almost slick now. That horse does not grow much hair! After a good currying it was bath time! They had mud caked on them, not from rolling in the mud(there's not any) but from sweating and it mixing with the dirt they had accumulated over the winter. They love their baths even though the water is ice cold! After that we worked with their feet some to remind them that it is okay to stand there with your foot in the air! LOL.


That's it for the weekend. Yesterday was another regular day, worked in the garden some, ate too much, and watched the birds pick up horse hair off the ground. Brook and I went to TaeKwonDo. She is doing so well in there. She lead the class with doing their forms. I was so proud of her.

Today is a new day and the sun is shining bright. It is time to get busy and do some work. I did one more thing over the weekend and yesterday go here to see it!

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  1. So glad your weekend went good...it was nice here...little rainy...the whole spring break was....but it is spring for sure...so glad it came..have a great week! TerryAnn

  2. We have a beautiful day on tap today.  Upper seventies.  Can't wait!  
    Love reading about your farm life.  It's so foreign to my life but, I just love it!  

  3. LOL...your day just wore me out...gonna grab my book...go outside and sit in the sun...yes the sun is shining in Kentucky...80 degrees....gonna put my feet up too....and watch hubby mow the yard LOL...the grass is getting so tall...we almost lose Max when we let him out to do his stuff LOL....God Bless....and hugs from KY...Ora  

  4. Celeste you sure had a busy weekend ~ I love to read what is going on in your life and hearing about the horses ~ Hope you have a good week ahead of you ~ Ally

  5. sounds like a great weekend.  i want horses so badly.  i used to have one in florida but bob said we cant have any because they are to much work.
    have a great week

  6. I really enjoy reading about your chores and life.  It's so very different from mine. Except the pantry!  I read about cleaning that pantry. THAT we DO have in common LOL!

  7. I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your story about Sebastian and you and your life....you have made me laugh and cry at the same time....I really have enjoyed it.....keep writing....it is great!!!!!!

  8. Could you use another saddle rack? We have a brand new one that has never been used that is just cluttering up the basement...

    love, Kas

  9. wow I missed so many entrys, I have been so busy I need to catch up here...lol

  10. Sounds like a great weekend!  Glad Brook is feeling good and in full form!!  -  Barbara

  11. You had a busy weekend....Celeste...you do so much!!! Are you still taking those classes for self defence( or whatever it was?) I am so proud of Brook...I would have loved for my Amanda to get into that.
    Take care,
    love ya,

  12. Does your Tractor Supply play good country music like ours does? I love to brouse their bird feeding supplies etc. Checked out what else you been doing. Looks neat. Come do mine. Paula

  13. This comment has nothing to do with your entry -- but have you ever seen the movie "Murphy's Romance" with Sally Field and James Garner?  I just think it's a movie you'd really like.


  14. Sounds like a great weekend. I love to cook out and eat out side. I need a top on my deck so the sun won't be too bad. I have not planted anything yet. I am just going to have some plants on the deck. Last year I didn't feel good enough to even do that. You enjoy your horses soo much, I wish I could, but I have always been afraid of them. As a child I got knocked off of one.


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