Sunday, March 11, 2007

I never thought I would have high speed. I do not have the highest speed because it is not available here. I have 3kps or something like that. It is nice to actually watch some of these news clips on the computer now. My former phone company(Alltel) said that they did not foresee me getting broadband anytime in the next 5 years. This was early last year when my phone line that they messed up had to be replaced. Late last year Windstream bought out the land line service and in December we were notified that broadband was available! I was thrilled! A couple of weeks ago a plan became available that was right up my alley. It was called Greenstream. It is a plan for people that only use their land line for Internet service! That was me! You only pay for broadband and not phone service.Broadband was $20 a month cheaper than my phone service was plus I saved another $23 on the other Internet service. This was enough to convince Pat that it was the way to go! He is happy with the speed. One question. Do I need a separate firewall other than the one that came with the modem? I have one. Just wondered if I needed it.

Update on Baby. She is next door with the cows that are there. She got out and the dogs chased her in the field. I am not a rodeo star so there is no way I could catch her by myself. This has caused a change in plans. I will be placing electric wire up across the field and cutting off the front field. I will then start resetting fence. Yep. The whole front will be getting new posts and rewired. It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. This is the push to do it. I am not talking about doing it over a week's time. There is no way I can do it in that time. Each hole for posts must be done by hand. I have a hand held post hole digger, not one on the tractor. What I am going to do is move the fence line over also. It will be closer to the driveway, closer to the road. The very front , which has good thick grass will be under fence now. A row of trees will be planted across the road frontage, with a bit of space between it and the new fence line. Up the creekside, I am not sure if it will be barbed wire or hog wire. We have a problem with erosion on the creekside. I am also having a new problem of a severe mole problem on the creekside. The new fence will go up to the barn. After all that is done then we will be putting new fence on the back sideof the property. At my speed, I figure this will take me a couple of years! It is also a costly project. Poles, metal and wooden, barbed wire, hog wire, electric wire, fasteners, all this cost oodles of money and I have not won the lottery!

 My dream is to make us a little less dependent on the grocery store. This means growing my own food, including meat and vegetables.

Strange dream last night. I dreamed of large grasshoppers invading. The birds were feasting but so were the grasshoppers.

My Brook is in an International newspaper called TaeKwonDo Times(I think). It is published in Korean so I cannot read it. This is a big year for her. She will not have a lot of free time during the summer. She will be in serious training for her black belt. She is working on having her hands listed as registered lethal weapons. That does not happen until she becomes a second dan (second degree black belt).

That's all for now. I have to get busy. The kids are coming over to work on fence with me and I need to get dinner started.



  1. wow....that is amazing about Brook....she is so young...and seemingly so determined...what a girl!!!!   and the fencing sounds like alot of work...but in the end you will be pleased with it all...and seems that just getting up in the morning costs money anymore good luck to you...and just think of the exercise you will be getting...and be careful of your I sound like your Mother??? good...God Bless ya...Ora of KY

  2. Oh creepy dream for sure...glad you are liking the highspeed...I remember when I had dial up...right now with a combo package I pay just a little more than if I had not switched and that added cable whooo hooo...however it will be the first thing to go if we need to cut some far we have not had to d that..hugs,TerryAnn

  3. sounds like you are gonna be busy and in need of

  4. Celeste I wish you luck with all the work you have to do moving fencing ~ glad you will be having some help ~ Glad Broadband is now available nice to know it is cheaper than your phone service ~ Well done to Brook she really is a determined young lady ~ hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally

  5. Well I would say one firewall is enough but  I am not an expert in computers.WOW lots of work to be done Celeste and yes costly too.You do it a little ata  time and when the cost fits,it will get finished sometime,and for a good reason too.Don't you go overdoing it though digging those holes.I have used a grafter shovel for post erecting when I gardened and it is very hard work.How lovely Brook is in an internation Newspaper thats great.Good luck to her for the  future .Take Care God Bless have a lovely Sunday.

  6. wow look at Brook go. What a girl! We have trouble with ghopers but I just get my chaser out that goes beep every few seconds. It makes them move on to someone else's yard. Sounds as if you have your work cut out for a while. Paula

  7. Congrats to Brook.  I hope you enjoy your new connection.  Lots of work for you to look forward to.
    Have a good Sunday.

  8. Hey, if you have high speed available then there is hope that one day we will too.  I told everyone I'd get a cell phone when you could pick one up in Dollar General.  Seems now you can.  So the pressure is on me.  We do use our phone line for our dial-up.  Still the two bills combined is under $50/mo.  So, anything I went to would have to compare.  Would be nice to actually watch video, though.  

    And WOW Brook!  I knew a guy once who was a black belt.  He got jobs working security at big concerts in Houston.  Idea being one of him could slip down and take out a trouble maker with less chance of standersby being harmed than a traditional officer.  

  9. Once in awhile I find myself missing life on the farm -- until I remember ALL THE WORK.  Suburbia isn't peaceful, but it's much easier on the manicure LOL!!


  10. Glad you are enjoying the high speed. You certainly have a big job ahead of you, but once done, it'll be great!
    And It's wonderful to see Brook in the Korean language newspaper! I remember when she was small! She is amazing.

  11. CONGRATS TO BROOK.....Good Luck with the fence...that is a huge undertaking...! I admire your determination.
    *just as a side note...WE do not have a second firewall...HOWEVER aol has a firewall that you can download and is capatible with their software that if you are going to get a second one - you might as well get one that you do not have to tweak with aol.
    take care

  12. Yes, you do want to have a firewall on your computer in addition to the one in the modem.

    Congrats to Brook! Having a hobby like this is great for a kid.

  13. oh Celeste! Im glad your getting your new fence but I dont envy all the work. Fence building is hard work! Once I worked for a guy who rented a post hole THATS the way to go!

  14. Yay, for high speed.  I'm leaving the link to my new journal.  With moving my other account was cancelled.  -Dawn-

  15. Welcome to the land of high speed, vroooomm....sorry, that was a video making it's way to my computer.  LOL!

    You have no idea how I wish I was closer to give you a hand. I am writing this, maybe I'll book a working vacation with you, a "down on the farm" vacation!  LOL!  Can you imagine...Mortimer, on a farm.  

    It can happen!

  16. That is so cool for Brooke. I am thinking about putting Shelby in martial arts. She is my wild child. It really helped settle Mandy down when she was little.


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