Saturday, March 24, 2007


I was reading Donna's journal, My Country Life and she was talking about what they are going to do if one of them dies. I think it is a good subject to talk about at any age. You never know when death will happen. You have to do this or the other is left clueless. You need a will even if you have no children. Are there any insurance policies? Are the beneficiaries current? Do you know where the policies are? What about the bills? Write down who gets paid what and when. Keep that list current. Do you pay bills online? Make a list of the web site addresses, username  and passwords. Do not store it on the computer! Put it with the policies. Keep that list current. You need marriage certificates, birth certificates, certified copies of both. You also need divorce papers if there has been a divorce. Also social security cards are needed. Make your wishes known if you want to be cremated or not. Make a will. Don't leave it up to the kids to decide how to split anything. Even in the best of families death causes somebody's brain to malfunction. pat and I realized that when I die he does not have to money to take care of my death. We took out a policy on me for that purpose just this week.
I know will suck if he dies first because I really do not want to be without him. I can pay the bills, fix the toliet and all that stuff. I can't hold myself at night. I can't do the wiggle dance alone(not talking about). I know I will just crawl back inside of myself and I don't know if I will be able to make it out again.




    LOVE YA,

  2. Yep Celeste.  We have to face the inevitable.  Our kids may not like it; our friends may not be comfortable with it.  But we KNOW death comes to everyone!

  3. I never know what's worse....dying suddenly or knowing months ahead of time that you're going to die.  My mom had every single detail planned out...down to what songs and scriptures she wanted featured in her funeral service.  Everything was ready.  


  4. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!  ahem.  Thanks.

  5. Very good advise Celeste.I think you have made a very good point in this post.Take Care God Bless.Astoriasand

  6. I agree with you about talking it out.  I need to revise my will in fact.  There's some things I need to take care of and I am not even married!  
    My mom made sure it was fairly clear when she died. Thank God she did, otherwise, it would have been a nightmare for me.

  7. Hi Celeste,

    Thanks for a frank and important post. The death of a loved one leaves enough issues to deal with if all the paperwork is in place. If it's not all in place, well, it's get a LOT harder. (One thing I would add...make your wishes known, in writing, as to having your organs donated for transplant. Even if you carry a card that says you want to donate your organs, it's ultimately the family that decides whether to do it or not.)

    You're not really going to hold out on us about the wiggle dance, are you? :-)


  8. this is a good idea.

    My husband and I have discussed the insurance policies and stuff like that but should he die first, I would be so lost. I depend on him too much.

  9. This is SOOOO important. I know this first hand. When Dad died in January, he was only 52. He did not have a will. My brother and sister fought me about so much that I finally just took a few small momentos filled with sentimental value, (A coffee thermos that had been my Dad's, and my grandfather's , one of my Dad's bibles, and a few small things I had bought for him as a child.) The car, Dad's half of the house,(mom and Dad divorced in November, and the house is supposed to go on the market in 2 years when my brother turns 18.) Dad's guns, and tools.......everything of any real financial value was left for my brother and sister to fight over. In the end I know that they will stick me with all of Dad's bills too, and that's fine, but it all could have been avoided if he'd just had a will. Think about your loved ones, and MAKE A WILL TODAY!


  10. we all talk about death a lot....the girls have already parceled out my stuff among them:::LOL....but I do think it will make it easier if the cancer/lupus takes a turn for the worst for them to know that I am happy and living my life to the fullest right now...


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