Monday, March 5, 2007


Saturday I turned baby loose. I did not intend for her to stay loose but she gave me no choice! I am not faster than she is! Anyway, if you had read my entry on blogspot you would know all about this weekend. In a nutshell, Crystal took a dislike to Baby and started chasing her.

Well today was not more of that, although I wished it had been. baby found a hole in the fence and walked out. I got a call this morning that she was down the road. Oh boy. Away I went to catch her! Lucky a neighbor saw her and started herding her down the road with his truck. Whenever she stopped he would toot the horn to get her going again. Brook's bus driver(in her car) came by and saw what was happening and blocked a driveway to keep her from going in that direction. With the cooperative effort of friends and neighbors we got Baby back in. Later on Pat and I went to get some gas for the truck before it got any higher. When we arrived back home , guess what I saw? Baby, in the middle of the road on a bridge. I herded her back in and got some fence to fix the fence. the fence was not down, it just was not able to hold a calf! So far she has stayed in the rest of the day. I sure hope that continues! If Patches the goat would make friends with her she would not be so lonely and wander off.

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  1. Once they start getting out, you'll usually have to build better fence to keep them in.  I would be willing to bet that a horse is chasing her, and that's probably why she's getting out.  I've been there, done that, and bought the T shirt.  Lots of people leave horses and cattle together, but the horses WILL cause trouble from time to time.  Most people just don't seem to care if their cattle are being tormented.

  2. I hope she doesn't get out and get hurt.  Glad you were able to get her back in.

  3. I see baby has a mind of her

  4. She is a little 'heifer' ain't she?lol lol
    love ya,

  5. OMG, you have added a wandering calf to your escaping horse! I hope Patches befriends Baby, and soon! Margo

  6. Too funny.  Houdini, the amazing bovine!

  7. hestiahomeschoolMarch 9, 2007 at 3:49 PM

    Don't you love country neighbors who pitch in and help?

    I stopped and caught a horse once that was wanderingdown the highway. And remembre a few years ago when the girls and I caught a goat that was in the middle of the highway?


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