Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sebastian, the beginning

Copied from C's Life
Sebastian is my big yellow cat that is not so big anymore. I have had Sebastian for a very long time. He is an old man now, 19 years old. His muzzle has gray on it and his teeth are coming out. His eyes are huge now. He talks to me. He understands English. I love him and he loves me.

Sebastian was a pound rescue. One day I decided I needed another cat. The cat I had liked my daughter and had little to do with me. I went ti the pound to see what they had there. This was a place where at the end of the week they killed all the animals. It was a Saturday morning when I arrived. I asked if they had any cats available. I was looking for one about 6 months old. There weren't any cats there except for 1 kitten. I really did not want a little kitten but I looked anyway. There in a big cage all by itself was a tiny yellow fur ball shivering. I picked him up and he just fit in the palm of my hand. The lady told me that the rest of his family and his mother had just been put down but there was not any room for him in there. He was going in the next group. My heart melted and I had to take him home. She said that he was not up for adoption because he was too small. Well, I knew the dog catcher and called him at home. He told her to let me have the kitten and to waive all fees! So off we went. Poor thing was scared to death. He was not weaned so a new adventure started for him. I tried giving him a baby doll bottle but that did not work. So out came the saucer. In it I poured some warm milk and push his nose in it. He backed away shaking his head, milk going everywhere. Then he sat crying. I knew he was hungry, his little belly was sunk in. So back to the saucer. This time I held his nose there long enough for him to blow bubbles. I know it sounds mean but that was how we always taught the little ones to drink. They were usually older than that though. Soon he realized that it tasted good and started drinking. Soon his little belly was full and he was ready for a nap. I fixed him a little box with a ticking clock in it and he curled up and went to sleep. After a bit my other cat Comet came over and sniffed him. Sebastian did not wake up. In a short while Comet was in the box with Sebastian and curled up with him. I was worried about the 2 cats getting along. I know how older cats usually react to new cats!


  1. So far, so good...right?

  2. A house is not a home without a cat or two or three. Paula

  3. Those are some wise eyes your old guy has.


  4. Oh Celeste...thank God that you came along when you did...You know God must have wanted you to save Sabastion....
    love ya,

  5. what a heart warming story!!!

    Sebastian is a lucky cat. I hate kill shelters. Our Miss Kitty was rescued from one just days ago and the thought of her being killed because no one wanted her is heart breaking. She is a wonderful cat.

    Sebastian is a handsome guy. He is a very very special cat.

  6. we have some new babies that we taught to drink milk that way...

  7. What a cutie pie.

  8. I'm ready for more. Margo


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