Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blood Drive

Hello everyone. A fellow journal writer is hoping to get at least 300 people donating blood. John, the wife of Kristy needs a bone marrow transplant and recieves a lot of blood. He has cancer and it does not look good right now. In his honor, I am asking if you can please donate blood and let me know here or go to here , The J-Land Gazette and let them know there.

For the news on what is happening with John click here

Remember this

Just one pint of blood can save up to THREE lives.
Someone needs blood every THREE seconds.
It's easy and safe and confidential.

Give The Gift of Life


  1. Hi Celeste I do already give blood I know how important it can be ~ Ally x

  2. Hi celeste I have just sent out the same message to all my friends over the pond here in UK.I do hope there is a good responce.And that some help can be given somhow.Prayers are being said.Until next time Take Care God Bless.

  3. I would love to give a pint but, they still have a problem with the fact I sleep with the mens.  Oh well.  I will post this on my journal to keep the chain going.  

  4. What "luvmort" said.  Gay men are not allowed to donate blood even if they are hiv-negative.  It's wise I suppose since the virus can be very tricky to detect.

  5. When I was having so many miscarriages I was tissue typed (and so was my husband) good thing that came out of it was that I was able to be registered with the National Bone Marrow Donor registry. they have never found a match yet, but what a good thing it would be if they did...\\

  6. I've never donated blood (they wouldn't let me...AND I used to be chicken).   Now I can, and I will see if they let me.
    John's transplant may not work as she explained, but at least this will make them very, very happy...and that's worth everything.


  7. Celeste, I just found out through Joe's blogplugs that you posted this very special entry.  God bless you.  John will be very moved when I tell him.  Lives will be saved.  Thanks for being part of this.  John and I can never thank you enough.  

    Krissy :)


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