Monday, February 5, 2007


23 degrees F(-5 degrees C) right now. Cold and crisp outside. Not going to do my walk this morning as I have Grandparents Day at Brook's school this morning.

Baby drank most of her milk last night. I was glad to see that. She seemed please to get her milk this morning. Started drinking right after I left the stall. Gonna try the molasses later on to help with her eating.

Poor Pat woke up during the night and got sick. I think it is the drainage into his stomach(from sinuses). My cold is no better but I am still going. Hate to disappoint Brook. After all it IS JUST a cold!

Well see yall later.. Got to warm up the truck so I can go.


  1. Hey...have fun at GP Day at school...I always enjoy getting to go to this event....and hope you and Pat get better and better....Hugs...Ora

  2. Our windchill just went up from 16 below zero to 11 below zero. Does that make you feel any warmer at 23 degrees? I hope you and hubby both get over your colds soon!


  3. it is 8 degrees here  and it is so cold when i went out side my eyes felt like they were freezing up into little ice cycles

  4. molasses always helps!

    I hope you feel better, have a good time at grandparents Day :)

  5. My living room is so cold (because of the wind) I'm typing under two blankets! I refuse to turn up the heat, however, until I need mittens to type! Margo

  6. I am so glad that Baby is doing better. I know that you are really enjoying watching her. I did a little on the treadmill this morning. It is too cool out for me to walk. I know you are going to have fun at grandparents day. I have not gotten to do that yet, but my sister has and really loves it. Pat may have some kind of virus. We have a lot of sickness here. My brother-in-law has had it for a week or so. Hope no one else gets it too. Elle is fine now. She went to school( day care) today. Hope your back feels better soon.

  7. hope you start feeling better soon!

  8. I took a walk to and from the gym the other day, two and a half miles each way in twenty something degrees.  Am I a sick-O or what?  LOL!!


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