Friday, February 16, 2007

Calf update

It is cold here today, 17 with a wind chill of 6. I have been wondering when Georgia decided to be a northern state. I don't recall voting for that! LOL.

Anyway because of the cold I have to carry water out to the animals. 5 gallon buckets of water gets pretty heavy after awhile. It is about 150 feet from my front door to the watering trough. Breaking the ice is doing no good now because there is no water under the ice. It is frozen all the way. I had a heater but it did not last 1 season and Pat said it is not worth the cost if we have to replace it every year. It is not a real problem carrying the water to them. I know they are glad to see it.

Baby is eating about 2 pounds of grain a day now. She is doing good! She has quit drinking her milk and is only drinking water. She will down a 5 gallon bucket a day by herself! I was hoping to get out and fix fence for her this weekend but it is supposed to snow and rain on Saturday. I really hope they are wrong. It won't take much to keep her in. She is small enough that I don't think she will be doing much wandering around. I am hoping the goat will stay with her.

Crystal caused me some trouble last night. I had a grain bucket for baby and she was trying to get it. Cow food and horses do not mix. it will cause problems for horses. Anyway she kicked at me and tried to shove me! After I got the bucket in Baby's stall, Crystal took a bite out of Baby's door! I don't mean that she bit the door, I mean she took a chunk out! I think she was trying to pull the door open. If she tries she can get the door off. Now Precious won't try to pull the door off, she will try to open it. She is a lippy horse. She works on untying things and picking things up with her lips. The door has a drop bar and a latch. If she figures out how to get the latch open.... Of course she will have to get the latch opened first then lift the bar. If she lifts the bar first it drops over the latch LOL.

Ok it is time for me to get a cup of tea and feed my face before feeding baby. See yall later.


  1. And I thought it'd be a problem raising children!  Gott en Himmel!  You certainly have a handful with these animals!

    It's 16 degrees right now and I think I'm on my way to Philadelphia (PA not MI).  Have a great day!

  2. a never ending circle of keeping our pets happy LOLOL...enjoy that cup of tea.....hugs Ora

  3. Wow that's cold there!  I love your stories about your animals.

  4. Hi Celeste,  I didn`t realise it got as cold as that in Georgia. I always thought of it as a really warm place.  I`m glad Baby is doing well. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  5. How many 5 gallon buckets do you have to carry in the cold? I am glad the calf is doing so well, though. How long will it take Crystal to bite her way through that door? LOL. Margo

  6. I am getting cold just thinking of you toting that water Celeste! lol But I have to go out early in the mornings and kick the buckets for my outside far it has not frozen all the way..thank goodness!
    Take care now, my friend,
    love ya,

  7. I hope for you, that you can keep them all sorted out.  I know our horses will rush anyone with a 5 gallon bucket.  They know feed comes in it.  And while they don't set out to hurt you, they get so on top of you, and then try to block one another....and well, it could cause an accident.  -  Barbara


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