Monday, February 26, 2007

it has been a week!

I cannot believe it has been a week since I have been here. Time flies sometimes.

I am trying to do some spring cleaning around here. For some reason I am not getting much done.

I have been reading journals. I am sorry if I have not commented much lately. No excuse other than I just did not have anything to say.

The animals are all doing good with one exception. Well she id doing good just not being nice. Crystal(Pat's horse) is having a problem with me. She is not happy that I am the one doing all the feeding and stuff. She keeps laying her ears back at me. I am having to carry a fishing pole with me into the field to feed Baby. I am not happy with this. It can get dangerous if she wants to get that way. She never has liked me. I have not rode her in 2 or more years. Every time I did she would sling her head and bounce and generally just be a jackass.

Brook is coughing tonight. I hope she is not coming down sick again. In a way I hope she is. I hate to think her asthma is causing her troubles. She coughs instead of audible wheezes.

I have been doing a couple of neat projects over on my Blogger journal, C's Life. I am doing a photo shoot on Wednesday, on Tuesday I am starting a Tackle it Tuesday project. This will be there tomorrow. I am also going to be participating in a Made from Scratch Carnival. I have discovered a world very different and yet the same as we have here on AOL journals. People read you and keep coming back and soon you get to know each other.

I might be getting broadband. It will be great to get away from dialup! Supposedly my phone company now offers broadband to my number. We will see. I will be placing the order next Monday.

My diet went belly up or maybe I should say belly out. I have to get back into it or I will die. I don't mean that figuratively, I do mean it literally.

I did some sewing. I repaired a top that my daughter got for Christmas. I sewed new straps on it, took the sides in and put some darts in the boob area. I am enjoying this machine. It is a new experience for me. I am one of those people that if they sew a button on, it will not come of. It will also be so tight that you can't get it in the buttonhole either!

What else? Oh yeah. This weekend Pat and I played pool and I ran the table. I broke the balls, made one on the break and then knocked all my balls in and pocketed the eight without missing a shot! Now if I could do that regularly!

Ok. I am out of here. Have a good night yall(or day)


  1. Wow, you are a good pool player! lol I am a lousy one !
    love ya,

  2. Wow I've never ever run the table like that! GOOD job!  I wonder why that horse doesn't take to you? I wonder what it is? I'm not a farm girl, so I have no clue about horses really.
    Have a good day.

  3. Isn't is strange how animals outwardly show their dislike of like for a certain person. When we were growing up we had a turkey gobble who hated my older sister. If it caught her outside it would actually jump on her. Paula

  4. you will LOVE broadband....things just zip by...both uploading and downloading...I hope you can get it soon....I love to play pool...not good at it at all...but it is fun trying....if you get any better you can make the
    take care

  5. I'm a TERRIBLE pool player, but I still love to play.  Same with darts.


  6. Sorry I havn't commented on the last few postings,I have not been feeling too good and busy with Grandson.Yes how time does fly by Celeste.I hope Brook is not coming down sick either.You will love broadband much faster than dial- up.Sounds you are enjoying your sewing.Well done on the Pool table LOL!! Take care God Bless

  7. sounds like you have been busy

  8. Glad to hear things have been generally good.  Do take care of yourself!  Poor Brook.  So hard watching them feel bad.  I know when mine cough and cough I wish I could do it for them.  -  Barbara

  9. At least you have been a busy little beaver!  


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