Tuesday, February 20, 2007

just life here

Yesterday poor Scampi got not one bath but 2! The dummy went back out and got into whatever it was that he had gotten into the first time! this time Brook washed him 4 times! LOL I think she was trying to drown him. Today he has stayed away from anything smelly! LOL

Baby is doing good. Eating good and no milk!

Brook and I made M&M cookies yesterday. I know I know. I am not to eat them! LOL hard to resist but I an doing it. I had her so most of the work. She had me drop them on cookie sheet and bake them. She decided she wanted to go play some pool with her papaw.

Brook is having a hard time in TaeKwonDo right now. She needs to learn to do a cartwheel and is having a hard time of it. She has no arm strength. So now we have to do some muscle building in her arms! Anybody know of anything?

I have posted on C's Life also.


  1. Push ups with her knees bent.  I could only do three when I first started so, tell her that it will take time but, it will happen.  

    M&M's!  They are my weakness, like Superman and kryptonite!

  2. Chin ups are good work out for strength in the arms..even doing the hold yourself up above the bar is as well...stand still push ups are great for strength as well...oh and the good ol fashioned arm wrestling...believe it or not...great work out as well...and if grandpa would let her push but not go down too quick..great for strength!  the cookies sound wonderful!!! Yummy!!! think I will make a piece of toast and off to bed for me!!! Wishing you all a great week!! Hugs,TerryAnn

  3. How on Earth did you resist the cookies??  I couldn't have done that.  Nope!  No way!  Cool pic of the pool table.  Is that your daughter?  
    Have a good night.

  4. Poor Scampi ~ but it seems he has learnt his lesson to keep away from smelly things lol :o)   Lovely picture of Brook ~ Ally x

  5. M&M cookies, YUMMMMM!!!

    poor scampi, maybe he learned his lesson?

  6. Brook might like this:   www.shovelglove.com    Its not boring like push-ups.  Just start out with a lighter one!


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