Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the day has started

The cold weather is on its way back. Just when I get used to running around without a coat on it is time to break out the Carharts again.  I just looked and wind chill is 9 degrees. Now I know that lots of people are having colder weather but I am in Georgia, you know, the SOUTH! Scampi was glad to get outside this morning and run with Pup but he was happier when I let him back in and he could lay on the heater vent! He gets cold so easy. I have not been able to find a coat that fits him because he needs a large because of his length but they fall off of him because he is so skinny.

Here is a picture of feeling good  and a picture of "what are you?"

I did  something the other day I have never done before and it hurts. I tossed some hay over into a stall and somehow the motion I did caused me to have severe back spasms. Now back spasms are not so unusual but where these happened at is unusual for me.It is in about the middle of my rib cage on my left side. I was almost in tears by the time I got thru with the animals and got back to the house. Pat started rubbing my back for me. He said I had a knot the size of an egg there. It was like getting a Charley Horse. Now these usually go away with a bit of muscle soreness if you don't get them right away. However this one still hurts. I mean hurt, not an ache. It feels almost like it did when I broke a rib except I am not having pain with breathing and it can be pushed on and stuff like that. I am thinking that the muscle spasm may have pulled some cartilage when it happened.

So anyway time for me to get started on my day. Moving slower than usual but that's ok. Brook will be here tonight, I am looking forward to that. We will be working on multiplication tables.

I almost forgot.

 Happy Valentine's Day

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  1. I know having Brook there will be a Valentine's treat!!  -  Barbara

  2. Happy Valentine Day to you....hope the spasms are better...and she is a real sunshine maker...isn't she???  have fun together....Hugs...Ora

  3. I hear ya! Im in the South too and these single digit windchills are eatring my lunch in more ways than one.

    Gorgeous horse picture!

    Have a good day

  4. Ouch, that sounds really painful Celeste, please take things easier until it feels a bit less painful.  The weather has been a bit like that here, freezing cold one minute then really warm the next. This time last week we had a lot of snow but today it`s almost like Spring!

    Sandra xxxx

  5. Wow it's cold in your neck of the woods??  I hope your pain feels better soon.  
    Stay warm and safe.

  6. Ouch. I hope it begin to heal more quickly. Nine below is indeed hard to spend much time outside in. Enjoy you night with Brook. margo

  7. We are having cold too and we aren't use to it. Feel better and enjoy Brook's visit. Paula

  8. Snap Celeste.I know where you are coming from.I was awake all last night with the same problem but in my neck.I have just got back from hospital,they have given me an injection and it is just about easing things.I had to go t/time 5pm I couldn't take the pain any longer.I am hopeing it never wears off what was in that injection..It is a pain knowone can describe.OUCH it doesn't half hurt.Muscle spasm's touching the nerves of the spine.So rest if possible and take Care .I was told the first 36 hrs are the worst so I have awhile to go yet if the injectionw ears away soon.Though they didi supply medication too.I have only just come online to do alerts with the pain easing a little.Lovely pictures.I hope you can get the work sorted you need to do.Take care God Bless.I will pray your pain eases.

  9. Uggh..multiplication tables.  The one I always got wrong was 6 x 8.  Thirty plus years later I still have to think an extra second before getting it right.


  10. Celeste
    Ouch!  I hope this back pain gets worked out soon, it sounds miserable.  Sorry that happened.  I hope your Valentine's Day was a happy one other than the injury.

  11. Hey, I got up this morning, put on capris, a short sleeve shirt and went to the cemetary to put the flowers on Danny's grave...I was frozen before I got back home...heck yesterday it was nearly 70 and i thought it would be the same today! lol
    Hope you back starts feeling a heating pad??? Don't wreckin you pulled a muscle?
    love ya,

  12. Kind of sounds like when Little Jose grabbed me and shook me, I was hurting for months around my right ribs.  
    Hope you feel better!  You make me want to come there and give you a hand!

  13. I hope your back is doing better!  Must be very painful.  I loved the pictures!


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