Monday, February 19, 2007

ho hum

This weekend was a quiet one at home. No one came over and no one called. Pat and I spent the days playing pool , watching movies and tv, and playing on the computer.  No excitement felt good. Oh wait we did have 1 piece of excitement. My neighbor called us. She had a possum on her front porch that was acting weird. It was in the daytime and they are night creatures. Pat and I went down there and dispatched it. It was very aggressive. This is not normal behavior. Afterwards we had a cup of hot chocolate and came home.

 Imade a big pot of chili and that is what we had to eat and will have today also. LOL I gave the kids some last night when they brought Brook over. She is out of school today for Presidents Day.

 Time to get the nesting box ready for Chip and Peaches. They were doing the deed yesterday. LOL babies in the house again, maybe.

 UGHHHHHHH Scampi just camme in and was promptly sent back outside. He stinks! He has found something dead to play with. Got to get him a bath ready. UGHHHHHH


  1. Sounds like a good weekend!  Our silly school has the kids today.  They will be out NEXT Monday, instead!  How odd.  -  Barbara

  2. LOL...typical day of this and that down on the farm!!!  and that chili sounds soooooo good....wish my family were chili eaters....but alas they are I usualy satisfy myself with some out of a can...Hormel's is my favorite....enjoy it with a couple hot dogs cup up in it also...with some cheese....and I like sour cream on it tooo.....not all at the same time tho LOL...happy day to ya....Ora of KY

  3. Never a dull moment, when you have pets.

  4. lol Funny I call it the deed at my house but im talking about myself and

  5. lol.......poor scampi!!! lol
    Best watch out for that possum......Rabies is going around real bad right now in our neck of the woods.
    love ya,

  6. Oh!  You reminded me of Jennifer Love Possum that resided on our back porch a while back.  

  7. Sounds like a nice weekeng, except for the probably rabid possum, thought the hot chocolate sounds good. Margo

  8. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend.  We have some mean possoms here.....they show their teeth sometimes. Scary.
    Have a good day.

  9. Hope the possum wasn't rabid. We had one in our yard in the city one time. They really do play possum. It curled up against the fence and played dead. My husband scooped it up with a shovel and took it off. paula

  10. hmm, that possum did sound strange!

    ewww did scampi get his bath? why is rolling in something rotting and dead so appealing? I will never know.......

  11. Way to go Peaches and Chip!  I mentioned last week that we bought Eler Beth a cockatiel.  She has named him Louie, and he is starting to get used to us.  He's still fiesty, of course.  We handle him a little each day.  Hopefully he'll become loving and trusting soon.  


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