Tuesday, February 27, 2007

other journal

From time to time I post on my other journal C's Life. These entries are not the same as the ones I post here. Sure there may be a duplicate every now and then. I can't say every entry will be different. I know that sometimes people from here on AOL do not like to go to other journal places and do not read or comment there. One complaint is that you cannot get an email alert. Well I did put a fix in on that part. There is a link on the side bar where you can sign up for email alerts of when I post over there. There are a few links for some different RSS readers to allow you to put it there too.

Another complaint is that you can't comment. I allow anonymous comments, (i just delete the comment spam.) Or you can just email me.



  1. Celeste
    I've checked out your other journal and it's a good one.  To any reading this comment... go have a look, you'll like it!

  2. I'm gradually doing away with AOL alerts and using bloglines instead.

  3. I've been using my blog over at Blogger as a 'mirror' blog in case anything catastrophic ever happens to AOL Journals <g>.. I'll have all of my old entries, well at least all the entries since the 'ad fiasco'. And, I -could- move the other earlier ones over there. However, I have been taking so many photos lately and would like to share them (and not annoy the dial-up people :)  ), so I'm thinking of making one that concentrates on photos. That way I could put 1 or 2 of something up on my blog and then put the rest somewhere else... I'm not sure I'm going to use Blogger for this OR AOL, I've been looking at some other platforms that might work better for that <sigh> too many things to do, not enough free time <LOL>

  4. I'll go have a look, Pam

  5. I'm one of the lazy ones.  


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