Tuesday, December 6, 2005

stuff today

Today went remarkably well. Not sure of why but I do not plan on questioning it. It was cold last night and this morning but my kitties made do. Can you tell how many are in this pile?   I do not understand why they do not go in the hay barn. Silly kitties is what they are. 

  I have a half naked tree in my living room.   

Brook and I got it up yesterday but it was too late to decorate it. This morning I put the lights on it and the garland. At this very moment Brook is placing decorations on it.  

She can't reach the top so I will be putting things up there. In the meantime I am allowing her to put things where she wants to.  

Brings back memories of decorating the tree when I was her age.  

My daddy and brother would put the tree up each year 1 week before Christmas. In those days we had a cut tree so you did not put them up too soon. I remember our favorite tree to get would be a Frazier Fir or a Blue Spruce. I love the smell of a fresh cut tree. They would get the lights out and untangle and test them and replace any burned out bulbs. We had some old lights mixed in with the new. I found some pictures of some of the lights we had. I remember an angel and a Santa light too.    Mama would sit on the couch carefully unwrapping the ornaments. One by one she would hand each of us one to hang on the tree.  Each of us received ornaments based on our age, height, and clumsy factors.  There were big fat bulbs to small ones, skinny long bulbs and special shaped ones. Sometimes she would hand us one and tell us where she got it or who gave it to her. Every once in awhile she would tell us to move an ornament that had been placed on he tree. Then came the job of placing the icicles on the tree. We were instructed to drape them 1 at a time across the tree. Of course being kids we wanted to throw them at the tree. looking back I can see why she wanted them done that way. They did look prettier done her way.  

That's it for now. Time to finish the tree and cook supper.


  1. Brook is really studing where to place that ornament. Christmas really brings back memories of past Christmases. Some good and some not so good. I really think my children will remember Christmas as being a good time. I hope so anyway. Helen

  2. I love the lights you have. Very stylish!
    I haven't done a tree in so damn long.

  3. lovely tree. Its wonderful she is geting to help. those kitties are sooooooo cute

  4. What a wonderful start you have on your tree...hope you will show us the finished product!!!

  5. I counted 8 kitties.  Am I right?

  6. Can't believe how much Brook has grown. tree looks good, and I hope you'll post a pic of it all trimmed. Margo

  7. I love the old lights.  They're beautifully shaped and original.  I remember my mother doing much the same as you described your mother doing.  Pennie

  8. I think there are six kittens in the pile.......If I am right do I get a prize??!  lol   Glad your day went well.  Your tree traditions sound much like ours.  We'll put ours up Thursday.  The kids get out of school for early release and I am off work.  -  Barbara

  9. I so enjoy thinking about Christmas past and the nice traditions our family had -- some of which we carry on today.  The 'old' ornaments are my favorite and while I'm often tempted to buy new as I go by a display, I make myself keep walking!

  10. What great memories and you get to make new ones with/for Brook.

  11. I remember having our own special ornaments too. My sister let her son decorate a tree last year (he was 3) and of course only the bottom part was deocrated, except the star which she put on, and the lights which went all the way to the top. It was the so cute, he was so proud of it.
    I count five kitties but I'm going to guess six ?


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