Thursday, December 29, 2005

It is over

Christmas is over for this year. All in all I think it went pretty good. Brook of course received far to many things. Happens when you are the only child and only grandchild. Her favorite gift is a karokee machine.  Believe me when I tell you that there has been a lot of singing going on here. Brook has been singing every song! Well sort of. Most of them she does not know so we hear her version of how it goes! LOL. Her next favorite is the baby on the couch behind her, it crys real tears. This baby coos and cries and just really sounds like a baby! And yes that is a scarecrow on the wall It is wearing a Santa cap!

We ate our dinner on Christmas Eve. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed cooking it and eating it. I ate way too much though. Have to get back to normal eating now.

My present from Pat I cannot show you. It still has not come back after being sent off to be sized. I will tell you what it is. It is an emerald and diamond ring.

I have been dealing with a lot right now. More on that later. Got to wrap my mind around what is happening in my life. Right now too many scattered thoughts. Not sure where or how things are going to end up.


  1. I hope you can free your mind and tell us what is going love those machines!  I ate way too much on Christmas, too...I would love to see pictures of your new gift!  JAE

  2. She's a real beauty. I have five granddaughters and one grandson. I have to say the girls are a lot of fun.....Love the girly girlishness if you know what I mean. Adorable.
    Now, I love my grandson very much.....but he just turned 14 and is getting macho. Although, on Christmas Eve, he was my date and sat with his arm around me all night telling me I was the most gorgeous grandmother ever. Who couldn't love that? LOL!


  3. Wow, an emerald and diamond ring.  Brook is sooo cute.

  4. Love those singing aids lol yeah Christmas is over with. But try Hanukkah for 8 days YIPPEEEEEEEE its still going on even past new eyars.

  5. I'm sorry you going through things if I can help let me know I'm a good listener
    Donna In TEXAS

  6. Celeste,
    Brook is so pretty! Wouldn't doubt that she grows up to be a singer! lol
    I hope things start looking up for you my to the Man up stairs..always helps me some. I will say a prayer for you.
    Peace and love,

  7. The ring sounds beautiful. Hope your problems level out soon. Brook is one pretty girl. Paula

  8. Brooke's beautiful hair just shines in the picture!  Bug got a keyboard that has a microphone attachment.  Will record and play back.  So I know all about those long recitals and rewritten some very unusual musical accompanyment.   Can't wait to see your ring!!  Hope what ever has you mulling things over is soon resolved in the best of ways.  -  Barbara

  9. Celeste it is such a lovely picture of Brook....she looks a real little beauty.....The ring Pat has given you sounds lovely....whatever you are dealing with right now I hope you get resolved for the best.......Take care....Ally

  10. Brook is absolutely darling, and I am glad your Christmas Dinner went well. I hope that whatever it is you are dealing with now will ease up, or resolve, as the New Year arrives. I'm thinking about you, and sending energy. Margo

  11. Brook is a doll! Hang in there, Celeste. rich

  12. Hi Celeste!

    That's right!  Eat the fudge!  It helps when you're mulling too!  :)

    Here's a Happy New Year  Hug!


  13. Wow!!!  Brook is a cutie....and I know of your "listening time"....LOL....glad you had a great Christmas....and the ring???   looking forward to seeing it...sounds lucious....if you can describe it in that word?  Hugs...Ora

  14. Brook is beautiful ! Christmas isnt Christmas without kids around... Eric is grown.. Its just not the same.. ((Im very very proud of the young man that he is.. I just miss him being my baby at this time of year))
    Nice to hear from you and Happy Journaling !!

  15. Maybe you need to talk? You can call me. All I'm doing now  till I heal is watching TV LOL


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