Saturday, December 3, 2005

Christmas Countdown Banner

The living room is ready for the tree now. I moved the loveseat into my room and the birds where the loveseat was. I shampooed both places before putting the birds in their new spot. Now all I have to do is drag out the tree and put it up.

So anyway I did not make it to my Christmas dinner/party. Pat has not come home from work yet. At least that is where he is supposed to be. I don't know because he does not answer his phone and the shop is not answering either. He knew how much I wanted to go. Without a car I am stuck. Not like I can call a cab, there aren't any in the country. It really makes me mad. Everyone else where he works at would leave if they had something to do, not Pat. At least not for me, maybe if it was something he really wanted to do. It is done. No need to cry over it anymore.

My Blackie is hurt. He is limping. He will not let me check it out to see what is wrong. Everytime I approach him he takes off. That cat sure can go fast on 3 legs!

Well I guess I need to fix me something to eat.


  1. I'm sorry you missed your party. Kind of takes the shine off things doesn't it?
    I hate to get let down like that. Hope you didn't go ahead and get all dressed up and then had to miss it. You know what they say about paybacks. Sounds like one is due. Helen

  2. awwwwwwwww HUGS CELESTE. Im sorry if i ws there I d give you a ride (Of course my payment would be you bring me a piece of candy out or fudge LOL) serously MEN dnt know what they are thinking sometimes. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope nothing is wrong.

  3. Sorry you missed your party!  :(  That's about what usually happens to me.  I know when I think Pete has been a stinker and has forgotten or been goofing off, it almost always turns out he has a good, solid excuse I can understand......yet when I think "surely something important has come up" and I'm trusting he'll have a valid reason, it seems he has just flat forgot or just didn't care!!!  And men say we are hard to figure!!   Hope kitty gets better.  I just managed to find the top of my kitchen table for the first time since the storm!  Now if I can only figure out where to put all this stuff!  -  Barbara

  4. I'm with Helen...payback is hell!
    love ya,

  5. Maybe a couple glasses of eggnog will make you feel better. Sorry you missed the party.

  6. I'm sory you missed your party, it is so deflating to be excited and then let down. Hope tomorrow is better. Margo

  7. Perhaps he has a valid reason for not getting home, hope he is OK.  No reply from his cell phone or the shop..would worry me....but if he has no good reason Celeste don't make him any meals for a month and let him do his own Laundry, it would be pay back time...and unforgivable - as he knew how much you were looking forward to going...Hope Blackie is OK....and that you have a good Sunday...Ally

  8. {{{Celeste}}}, Sorry you missed the Christmas dinner party. Hope Pat had a good excuse. I take my hubby to work, and pick him up...if one of our cars isn't working. It's a pain sometimes...but at least you have a vehicle to get your errands done.   ~Deborah

  9. I could cry for you  !!! i wish i lived near you. we would have our own party!!!!!
    God bless,


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