Saturday, December 17, 2005

Here we goooo

 It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! At least here in my part of the South. Christmas is usually muddy! LOL I would love to have a white Christmas but there is little hope of that.

 Here it is 8 days to Christmas and I still have not finished decorating! Today I am putting my Christmas village up. I enjoy adding to it every year. If I had the room I would put a big display out!

 Next year I am hoping to start a display outside. I have lots of room and I want to eventually build something that will make people want to look at it! I love going to see outdoor decorating at Christmas time.

 Brook is ready to wrap presents but she has to wait. The only presents left for her to wrap are for her mother and step father.

 Making fudge today. Not suppose to eat any because of my recent diagnosis of diabetes. I think I will eat one piece. I rarely eat more than that anyway because of my sensative teeth.

 Just heard "That's what I want for Christmas!" Been hearing that a lot lately!

 Well time for me to get busy! See everyone later!


  1. I guess I missed your diagnosis of diabetes in the Christmas shuffle.  You know, I don't like to decorate early.  I've found if I wait until a week or two before Christmas I don't get tired of the tree, lights, and such.

  2. AH its getting close. I m so late with everything this eyar. now if I was you I would eat one piece of fudge too.

  3. Good luck with the decorating today....hope you get it finished...Love to see pictures when you do..  Fudge making sounds a good idea...Can I have 2 pieces please...I'm on this diet to put weight on :o) and it is just as hard as trying to lose it....Take care...Ally

  4. Fudge....did I see where someone mentioned Fudge????   oh my...I love fudge...with lotsa nuts....hmmmm.....good....LOL....Merry Christmas...Ora

  5. I didnt decorate at all this year. I love going and looking at lights.

  6. We're getting close! Merry & Happy, rich


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