Thursday, December 15, 2005

quick note

It is raining here. Not just a light rain but a heavy field flooding rain. And in addition to that..... the temperature is dropping not rising like they said it would be doing. I don't mind rain, I just do not like rain and cold combined.

Brook's hand still hurts. It is still slightly swollen.

Blackie, poor thing, must have been hurt worse that I first thought. I now believe he broke his leg. e started walking on it but for the last 2 days he does not put it down to the floor at all. Plus he has the runs! YUCK. I know it is too late to do the vet thing for his leg, I cannot afford to pay the cost of them re breaking his leg and setting it. I do have a question.... what can I do here at home about the runs? He is happy, eats. drinks water and purrs. He plays with the other cats, acts normal except his poopy is yucky and he holding his leg up.


  1. Try fixing him some gravey food eh will eat with cornstarch in it and my vet always said white rice and haberger with the grease soaked out of the burger. white rice is suppose to plug you up so maybe if you can mix the rice and burger with the corn startch that will work

  2. Rain and cold Celeste hope it don't freeze....Poor little Brook - their desks must be very heavy to do that amount of damage to her hand.
    Blackie I dont know how you would treat him..If it is broken ..hope someone comes up with a bright idea.....Take care....Ally

  3. I got a bird! Kind of hard to have the "Season" spirit when it's cold and wet! rich

  4. Hmmm, I wouldn't know what to do for a dog.  But cats are sooo touchy when it comes to medicines.  I would call the vet and ask him.  

  5. awww Celeste...hope Brooke is better...while we were gone our gdau Chance her left thumb caught in car door.....bruised it good and also cracked the knuckle bone...she wears a splint when she goes to bed....otherwise just a bandade for protection...she will lose her thumbnail eventually....but will get a new one...or so they say...our little we hurt for them...but thankfully chancey is right she fared a little better than Brooke....Hugs and love....Ora

  6. Vet told me pepto for the baby goads i dont think it will hurt a cat.


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