Monday, December 1, 2008

Jury duty, snow, and decorating

Today I had to report to jury duty for the next week. Normally I do not mind jury duty but today was not one of those days. My back has been killing me. Due to my surgery next week I cannot take anything except Tylenol and that does not help at all. So I spent all morning swarming,trying to find a comfortable position. That was a no go. I was actually hoping to be called to be an actual juror, at least they have nice wide, padded seats! No such luck. 2 groups get called for trials, I sit and wait for break. At least 50 people did not show up, deputies were dispatched. If the people do not show up tomorrow then warrants will be served. Luckily the judge told us all to come back on Wednesday! The good thing is, I get paid for tomorrow even though I am not there! WOW , we get $20 a day! LOL Big time pay huh?

It snowed today. Our first snow of the season. Of course it did not stick. It rarely does anymore. I would love for some sticking snow, enough to build a snowman! Anybody want to send me a tractor trailer load? Normally we get about an inch in December and 2 inches in Jan. That has not held true for the last ten years. We used to get way more than an inch. I guess with all the dry winters we have had in the last 10-15 years the "normal" amount has decreased to 2 inches.

Surgery is next week on the 10th at 3pm EST. NOT looking forward to it.

Christmas decorating is in the works. First thing out was my mugs, glasses, and dishes. I decided a long time ago that I was not going to "save" them for one day a year. I use them from Thanksgiving on to the New Year. People tend to save certain things for special occasions like Christmas and Easter and other holidays. What if they don't come for someone? Why not share it the whole season long?
What is the worst thing that could happen? A broken plate or two? You never know when someone's time comes. ? So why not share the joy now. Eat off those Christmas plates, break out the good china, they are only objects.


  1. Hi Hon, why would you actually want to go to jury duty? Yikies, what if you got a killer or something, or maybe somebody for manslaughter, not as serious, who accidentally ran somebody at a stop sign, and you had to decide what to do. My Mom had to do one of those one time, and she didn't know what to do! I forget if it lasted till 3 am or into a few days, but it was horrible, she got sequestered, LOL. I uh, got called once, and got off for health reasons, LOL. No way, I am not going to get called to decide. I guess I wasn't doing my civic duty! I do other civic duties though. Always vote in every election, even primaries, etc, help to get good candidates elected, work on committees, etc.

    So anyway, John and I are home now for a few days. I have been giving home IVs. Yuck and double yuck. Around the clock. Not enough sleep. I will tell you that right now. Barely enough time to eat. So anyway, we are home. He had home IVs which I administered (it really wasn't that bad to learn) and then they pulled his lines (scary, they went to his heart, and the clots could have killed him which they removed. I refused to do the last IV med, I intuitively sensed he had a clot, it was 4 inches long and outside of his heart...). Anyway, now I don't have to give him the IVs any longer but I am exhausted.

    But I chose to do a post today anyway, even though I was tired. Please come check it out and comment on it if you can. It is
    Thanks if you can stop by!
    love, krissy :)

  2. thanks for your comments on my journal :)

    I would have loved to see a corgi parade; I'm sure it would have been a riot!

    I'm sorry you have to have surgery; doesn't sound like a 'fun' thing to go through especially this time of year; hoping you make a speedy recovery

    family relationships; always hard to find the perfect family that gets along; my husband always like to say "we put the fun in dysfunctional" when talking about family dynamics. I think we all just try to do the best we can.

    Jury duty; never got the privilege of being called to serve when I could serve; always got called when the kids were young and had no one to watch them so I got excused; but I have to agree, it would be uncomfortable if the chairs were stiff and the back uncomfortable to endure it

    take care of yourself


  3. Jury Duty.. Yuch! and even more Yuch if you are in pain!!

    Hey, I passed something along to you over at my blog.. Don't feel like you have to do anything with it, I just thought you deserved it.

  4. Hey, I had totally lost track of your blog! I just thought you weren't blogging. You must have started up a different one? Anyhow, glad to find you again. I'm going to read on down and see if I can find out what kind of surgery you're having.

  5. Even as you talk about 'reg'lar stuff', I think it has some bounce to it ... could be me, but even with your worries and concerns, I wonder if you are feeling better, if that make sense.

  6. I was picked for a jury once. The guy was soooo obviously guilty and he knew we knew it, too! They ended up plea bargaining after two days of trial. So we were released. I haven't had to go back since.
    I agree with you on the dishes and crystal. If I had Xmas dishes I'd use 'em!
    Good luck on your surgery!

  7. Hi Celeste, I was called for jury duty many years ago but I also got off on health reasons like Krissy. With my luck I`d end up with a serious crime case and that`s something that I just didn`t want to do. Like you say though, you DO get paid for it. Good luck with the surgery, I`ll be thinking of you.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  8. Amen Celeste! Life is so short and you o not know what tomorrow brings.
    love ya,


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