Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spiders, babies, eggs

Pat's daughter finally called. She apologized about Christmas. She said that one of the kids(not sure if she meant hers) got bit by a spider and had to make a trip to the ER. I was so relieved that she called. Pat is not so upset now. I feel that she wants to build a relationship with him. I know it will be hard. She was told when she was a little girl that he did not want her. I know that to not be true. I remember hunting for her. We ran down every lead we had. He was so angry that, first he was denied knowing about her until she was 4 or 5 then having her yanked away and hidden from him after only getting to see her a few times. She has lot of years of lies being told to her to recover from. It will be hard for both of them.

Pat's mama is holding on. I do not know why. I think she held on for so long that her mind is locked into the must live mode. I believe the only reason she lived this long is because she is afraid to die because of what will happen to J. J needs to get a life. It is way past time for her 50 plus year old butt to be dependent on herself not having her mother take care of her troubles. Can you tell I am bitter?

I am doing so much better. I am moving around at almost my old speed. Cleaning is slow but I am getting it done.

Pat found an egg! My little red hen is laying again and made her nest in the hay barn again. I really need to build me a small coop. I want to get me a couple Rhode Island Reds or Golden Comets. It is hard keeping these hens cooped up that have game in them. And besides, they eat bugs and scratch up horse poop. LOL

I am loving my new hard drive. Lots of space on it! I have most of my pictures transferred to it and my music backed up on it. I am in the process of deciding what to delete of the pictures I have. I have some .gifs and stuff like that, that I will probably never use. The ones I keep I need to better organize them. It will take time but, time is something I have.

Now I have a question. I am sure I know the answer but my mind is blank. How do I turn off autoplay when I hook up my drive?

Ok I am out of here. Getting hungry and I an tired of ham!

By the way. Just so you know. I would not get mad if somebody clicked on an ad! LOL


  1. how did you get the adds at the end of your entry?
    mine are above everything?
    yes ill

  2. I'm glad Pat heard from his daughter; that would be hard to build a relationship based on how it started with her thinking he didn't want her, but I'm sure with time and learning to trust bit by bit that relationship will grow more and more

    how cute to have hens that lay eggs!! that would be fun to see!

    glad you are feeling better with each and every day and resuming all your normal activities


  3. Well, glad you are getting some eggs. I entered a Rhode Island Red contest one time at a state fair - lol. It was to see whose hair was most like the Rhode Island Red color. I lost. Your mention of the Rhode Island Red made me laugh remembering that. My hair has no red now by the way.
    Have a good New Years!

  4. Sounds like she had a totally understandable reason for being a no show on Christmas. Prayers for you and Pat all around.

    Think I may click something just to explore. ;o)

  5. Glad your feeling better.
    I sold all my hens to my soon to be son in law. I was tired of feeding them and not getting any eyes.

  6. That would be fun to have hens. Take some pics if you can. I'm glad that Pat heard from his daughter and there is an explanation. It must be hard.
    Have a good evening.

  7. it is good to hear you are doing so well...and taking it slow...and how hard it must be for Pat and his dau to have to fill the time lost..but maybe best to just start from right here...?? anyway..God Bless your new year...hugs...Ora ps will click on an ad just to be curious LOLOL...

  8. Cleaning is slow? That is a sign. STOP cleaning! Glad you are doing better.


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