Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and other things

Christmas was okay around here. Brook, Candy, and Johnny came down and we exchange gifts. I was thrilled with my gift. I received and external hard drive, the exact same one I wanted! I also got nighties, perfume, sweats and a few other items. The kids left pretty fast. After that Pat's niece and her kids showed up and rode horses. Next came his step mother and 3 of her grandkids and they rode horses. All the while we were waiting on Pat's daughter and her 2 kids, that was supposed to show up and have dinner with us. She turned out to be a no-show and a no-call. Pat tried to not show disappointment but he was. Also, he was delaying going to see his mama. His sister called and said she had a death rattle. Pat and I finally ate and I convinced him to go see his mother. I told him that I could see the signs of him denying what was happening, the same as he did when his father lay dying. I know I sounded harsh but he needed to hear it. His mother did not have a death rattle( I have heard enough of them to know what they sound like) She was starting to run a low grade temp. Her responsivness was greatly decreased then from 2 days before. It won't be much longer. I am glad she made it thru yesterday. I know it sounds selfish, but her dying on Christmas would have made the future holidays very hard and I like Christmas too much. It would not do to have an already moody hubby even moodier because that is when his mother died...

LOL I am turning into my mother. Since my surgery I have been running around in a nightgown all the time. I laughed when I looked in a mirror today. It was like looking at my mother! She ran around all day in a housecoat, or a duster actually. Now I know why. It is actually very comfortable. And heck nobody comes over so who is going to see me anyways!?!

I looked at my fat horse yesterday and wondered what to do with her. I have her on light food, half rations of feed and hay and she is still round as a barrel! She is a very very easy keeper!. Pat is talking about going to the sales next month to see if any good cheap horses are going thru them. With the economy in the dumps people tend to get rid of animals. Someone at his work got a Tennessee Walker for $50!

Gonna get off of here. Getting sleepy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


  1. I've seen lots of cheap (and free) horses on Craigslist. There are excellent buys there on motorcycles, too.

  2. I was glad to see that Brook and her mama and mama's husband were able to make it Christmas! Wow! Sounds like you got alot of nice gifts! Dan bought me a meat grinder! I have wanted one forever.
    Take care and get some rest ok? My mama ALWAYS wore dusters and the older I get, the more I do too! lol
    love ,

  3. I'm thrilled you were all together for Christmas! But I feel for Pat and his disappointment over his daughter. And you don't sound selfish about his mom, you sound like a woman wanting the best for her man. As to your horse....sounds like she needs to be rode, rode, rode! LOL

  4. Hi Celeste, How disappointing for Pat to have his daughter not show up on Christmas day. It was lovely though that you had so many family members with you.

    Love Sandra xxxx


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