Saturday, December 6, 2008


At times I feel so aimless. I wander around and never get stuff done. Just a bit ago I sat down here to write an entry and it hit me that I wanted music to play in this entry. Not just any music but a specific song. I am sure I could Google and get a video or something but that is not what I want. I just want some music to play. Then I thought why not ask people out there what they use. I know there are those of you that know about putting music in your blog. What I want to know is what player do you use, Do you embed in the blog itself or on certain entries? How can I put a song in a certain entry with or without the option to turn it off?

The song I wanted? "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

It is starting to look like Christmas around here. I have the tree up, although it is not decorated yet. 1 string of lights on the tree is not working. I have a giant stocking hung on my front door. My merry go round is out and playing right now as I write this.
My dancing and singing toys are out waiting for batteries. The dishes and glasses are in the cupboard and the towels are hanging. There is more to do and little time to do it.

The clock is ticking for the countdown of my surgery. For some reason this one is making me nervous. My mind keeps playing all the what ifs. I keep telling myself nothing is going to happen but I cannot seem to convince myself of that. I have never approached a surgery with this feeling of dread before.


  1. Your blog certainly looks christmasy. Wish I could put your mind at ease about the surgery but I would worry too so I'll keep saying prayers.

  2. Wintertime makes dread appear where none would be in summer. "Be not dismayed whate-er betide... God will take care of you."

    Pandora can be used for music on your blog, and you can make it either play automatically or only when clicked.

  3. I use playlist for my blog. It starts automatically, but you can choose to have it not be automatic.

  4. {{{HUGS}}} (and it is a great big one too!)

  5. Celeste your blog looks lovely really has the Christmas feeling ~ I am sure your surgery will go well ~ you will be in good Hands I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers ~ Ally x

  6. I like your Christmas countdown; its fun to see how close we are to that special day!

    I haven't had the time to put any music on my journal yet so I can't help there but I know a lot of people seem to have put it on and it always sounds so nice; I like the song "its beginning to look a lot like Christmas"; good festive one

    its our nature to worry about upcoming events we don't have control over or don't know the outcome of; we just have to keep praying and trusting and knowing God is in control and knows what is good for us; at least that's what I try to do


  7. It does look very Christmasy here! Will be praying God give you peace and be with you every step of the way.

  8. I have no idea how to add music. I'm just learning how to add graphics to my sidebar!
    I'll be keeping you in my prayers. I think it's normal to be worried. I know it's hard. I don't know what to say to put you at ease and make you feel better.
    Enjoy your decorations. They sound wonderful!

  9. I dont know if you can have it play in just one entry


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