Sunday, December 14, 2008

hospitals and stuff

From Christmas
I tell you this hurts. I have an incision from the inside of my belly button all the way down PAST the bikini cut incision from a previous surgery. Being beat up with a 2x4 probably feels better! I am on some pretty [powerful pain killers that are not touching the pain just makes me thirsty. I guess they are helping some because here I am. Actually it is my internet addiction that is getting me through this! LOL Okay 2 large tumors were removed. I will get the results of the biopsy Wednesday. He does not feel that they are cancerous.
Pat's mother is in the hospital now. Her kidneys were failing. She is doing better now but still may not make it past this episode. It may sound cold and cruel but she would be better off if she did not come home. The cruel thing would be her going back to that house. Her kidneys were failing because of severe dehydration. According to J she had just quit eating and drinking the day before going to hospital.I doubt that. I just wish her suffering was over.
Ok I am gone. Sitting up is taking its toll.
From Christmas


  1. Hi cannot be comfortable...but oh so good to hear from you and to know all is far as ok is right now!!! do rest and take it so very easy..don't want any complications or such...and sorry about Pat's all will be in my prayers for sure...God Bless...hugs...Ora in KY

  2. you take it easy...I know you are a strong lady but you don't want to mess yourself up. My scar froim my hysterectomy is like yours. They sure do send folks home early now...sometimes I think too early.
    Tace care and God bless,

  3. Sorry to hear about Pat's mom. But, I'm glad you are doing well enough to make an entry! I'm glad he didn't think it's Cancer. That's a relief!
    Take care


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