Friday, November 28, 2008

Like or love

Many people say that you like someone "because" they have pretty eyes, a nice smile, or an elegant nose. You love the person "even though" they are not rich, a good cook, or can’t put the toilet seat down. Liking someone means that you are fond of their good traits and loving someone is that you accept that other person fully even though they are not always perfect.
I love my family. It seems as if we are always at odds for some reason or another. This is one family that will never be perfect. I guess I will have to get used to not having family gatherings. Oh sure we get together for a wedding or a funeral and we are polite to each other at those times but other than that nothing. When Brook moved in with us holidays were fun again. I had family that wanted to be with me and celebrate with me. Then she went back to her mother and I had more that wanted to be here. Now nothing. Pat is pigheaded and so is my daughter. I don't see where either one will try to heal the rift between them, so it is back to just Pat and I for holiday dinners and stuff as his family won't come down or invite us to any gathering either. Note: My sister did invite us down but for 1 day and a vehicle that is not working right, we could not risk it.

Anyway. I made a big ole turkey that was the prettiest I have ever cooked! I made pinto beans with country ham, mashed taters, dressing, corn and orange fluff. A pecan pie, banana bread and pumpkin pie topped off the dinner. Of course I made too much and have plenty of leftovers. I guess I was hoping... So the leftover turkey is in the freezer and the rest is in the fridge.

I bought a few Christmas gifts this morning for Brook. NOT telling because she reads this sometimes LOL. The one I was going to get for Pat went before I could get there. Oh well. He will have to be happy with t-shirts and socks and maybe some cologne and underwear thrown in. With money as tight as it is the only thing anyone else will get is food.

My bloodwork came back okay. That is a bit of a relief. Now all I have to do is wait for surgery and then wait on the biopsy.

Ok I am out of here. I need to get some cleaning done.


  1. Glad your dinner was good. I know how you feel about family! Hope your surgery goes well.

  2. When you want to cook, it is hard to make just enough. I think you feel better when you do cook though. Fills me up whether or not it is for a crowd or not.

    Good for the bloodwork. Hope it portends good things in your medical future!!

  3. i know what you mean...we use to have huge TG get togethers...aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews... and now it's only me and my kids.
    I wish your daughter &Pat could agree to be just civil to each other to at least have a dinner together for your sake.I wish I could help.
    love ya,

  4. OOOOH your dinner sounds delicious!!! Making me hungry!

    Glad your bloods came back ok!

    Laine xxx

  5. sorry the family didn't help with Thanksgiving Day celebration...but you and Pat enjoyed it all I bet?? and the blood work being that is cause for rejoicing..will be praying about the surgery..and you too...God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

  6. (((Celeste))) With your surgery coming up, I wish you could have had the fun and comfort of everyone together for Thanksgiving. Will be praying with you for the Lord to break down those barriers and change some stubborn minds.

  7. Good luck with surgery. I'm still here if you need me

  8. I'm so glad your blood work came back okay!


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