Tuesday, December 2, 2008

getting it done

Yesterday Brook came over and we made pizza for dinner. Yep, homemade pizza. Easy to make. Get a pizza crust mix, pizza sauce, cheese and whatever you want on it and in 30 minutes total you have a fresh pizza hot, right from your very own oven. While that was in the oven we made pumpkin pie! Another generation growing up knowing that the best pie in the world is pumpkin!

Pat is a little worried about what will happen after surgery. I think he is thinking of his stomach! LOL And clean clothes too LOL. Me too. I know that I will be washing my heart out this week. I am also gathering stuff for easy meals. Between that and getting decorated I am a busy bee... well I am supposed to be busy but here I am sitting in front of this small screen.

The snow was pretty coming down yesterday but now it is cold and the snow is gone. maybe a white Christmas...


  1. Maybe Pat will figure out how to use the stove, huh? John hasn't but he did figure the washer out when I was in the hospital. Good luck to you and hope you won't be down long.

  2. I love to make home made pizza. It's the best because I can make my own sauce with no garlic, so Thomas can eat it. Glad Brooke got to come over and spend some time with you.

  3. that pizza sounds delicious!! hope you get a white Christmas!! we lived in Montana for 8 years and never had a white Christmas (that it snowed on Christmas)

    take care of yourself



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