Wednesday, April 2, 2008

time flies

That nice easy rain we had the other day turned into a gully washer. We had 4 inches dumped n us in about an hour. I thought the horses were going to have to swim for it to get back to the barn!  It seems as if nature does not plan on me getting my plants in the ground. It has not dried up enough to dig. I am beginning to think I will have to dig a hole and stick them in without tilling up the dirt.
Life gets in a whirlwind and then grinds to a halt. Actually I just jump off of the life track sometimes because I am tired of dealing with it.
Brook is plugging on in getting her black belt. It is on May 23rd if anybody wants to come see her. There will be a party afterwards.
It was 80 yesterday and today my feet are cold.  It is not supposed to get as warm. It was warm but the ground is still wet. It rained...again.
I was playing cards last night with a few of my online friends and someone that likes to disrupt the game by cheating and generally being nasty and mean sat down at our table.  I really do not understand what people get out of it. First of all, why cheat? It is a card game for tokens, no money. Even if money was involved, why cheat? I do not understand cheating. When Brook was smaller and when my daughter was little, I played to win when we played games. I taught them that throwing a game is the same as cheating. People ask me why not let them win? They are kids and I tell that throwing a game is cheating and I do not want them to do that. When they win, they earned it. It makes them try harder. Sure they would get mad sometimes but victory was all the more sweeter when they EARNED it.
I have found in the card games that some people used their online person to bully, cheat, be nasty , mean. I pity them.
There's my rant for the day. I need some socks on my feet! Laundry is calling and so is the kitchen. I wonder when I get to hire a maid??


  1. HEY!
    It almost rained here yesterday, kinda of put a damper on morning plans, but the afternnon was nice 72 degrees... today it is 54... crazy!!!!
    I wish I could hire a maid too!

    ~~Make It A Great Day~~

  2. I don't understand that about people and games either. My mama use to let my sister's daughter win because she would get mad if she didn't win. Now as a grown-up she is still that way. Crazy! Paula

  3. You are right Celeste.....The way I taught Dan to play games since he is mentally challenged was to at first make the game a little easy and then build up to the normal...and he learned!!! The same with reading, writing,,,math etc...his teachers all said he was hopeless...I did not accept that...they said he would never learn to write and spell his name too.but he did!  I did not have to bully him or tease him...and I taught BOTH my children earlly on NOT TO CHEAT...I do not understand how someone enjoys cheating!
    praying for Brook!!!

  4. I'm trying to catch up with journals a bit today.  Glad to hear you're doing okay.  We expect to get about 4 or 5 inches dumped on us starting sometime tonight.  I am ready for these rains to be over for a while.  I want to dig in the dirt, too, and not the mud!

  5. ... my Mom played games with us much the same way ... and I am like that with my own girls when I get the chance to be ... it builds character, unfortunately many of the parents of these children are either children themselves or lack the character to know how to build it in their children ...

  6. when my kids were younger I was guilty of allowing them to win (I'm talking 5 years old with games like Candy Land) but then I'd win a game occasionally so they could see they wouldn't always win and then we worked our way up to fairness in playing with whoever won, won, no throwing of the game. I love to play games; it doesn't matter if I win or lose, I just like the fun of playing; its sad others don't have that same attitude with it and feel they have to cheat to win

    that is a lot of rain you got!


  7. When my son was really small I used to let him win, but not all of the time. Especially when he wanted to learn how to play Chess. I didn't want him to get discouraged with that and it is a difficult game. But, once he turned about 9,  I couldn't beat him! I still rarely beat him at that game! Or any game!

    I don't understand why people online have to be rude like you described. It makes no sense to me.

  8. ally123130585918April 3, 2008 at 8:03 AM

    I agree with you Celeste about not letting children win games by cheating ~ that dosen't help to build character ~ it is far better for them to earn their win ~  hope you will soon be able to get your plants in ~ hope Brook does well in May when she goes for her black belt ~ I would love to see her and join in the party afterwards ~ Ally x

  9. I suppose cheats like to look at their faces in the morning, lol! I don't get it either.

    Good luck to Brook and I hope she has a great promotion party!



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