Monday, April 21, 2008


Yesterday we thought that since it was a beautiful day we would go to the park and ride. We got the horses out and brushed and curried them good. dancer and Precious still have a lot of their wonter coats on. Crystal, on the other hand, is already as shiny as a new penny. brook was excited because it would be her forst time going. We loaded Precious with no trouble. She is an old hand at it. Next we tried to load Dancer. That's right, we TRIED to. He came up on his back feet and started shaking his head no. We knew then taht there was no way we were going to go. Poor thing has had a real bad experience loading in the past, I'm sure. We will have to re-train him to load. I do not look forward to that. I think it will be me doing iot not Pat. I have much more patience than he does. I know it will not be a quick thing. It may take all spring at the very least to do it. I hope not. Brook is really looking forward to riding her horse in the park.

Saturday is the talent show. Brook is excited about it. I don't know if it is because it is a show or if it is because it is at a mall! LOL

I am at odds with my daughter. Two bull headed people should never have a lot to do with each other. I wonder if we will ever truly get past the past?


  1. You're so lucky.My riding days are over.That was  the best times of my life.
    Link to pic of daughter with two of our horses


  2. May as well live and let live, with the daughter.  You know we won't change them at this point.

  3. Shame about the horse.  Anything is possible with your daughter.  Time changes people's outlooks.  -  Barb ara

  4. I'm so sorry that Dancer wouldn't load right.  I hope you can re-train him with no trouble.  

  5. Sorry you didn't get to have a ride ~ hope you will be able to retrain Dancer so Brook can have her ride in the park ~ I hope you and your Daughter can come to terms with the past ~ Ally x

  6. Good luck with your horse and your daughter.

  7. I understand about bull headed moms and daughters - I have been on both ends of it, lol! I try to tell myself that I am pleased my daughter has her own opinions and does not just repeat what everyone else says. Sometimes, it!



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