Friday, April 18, 2008


Yesterday I walked 2 miles, today I only made half a mile. I did pretty good on my eating made chicken in the roister using the basket. It was really good and moist. Today has been a ho hum day. beautiful outside and I just don't feel like getting out in it. Washed dishes, washed the floor, fed animals, vacuum floor, washed clothes, the  daily things get done with no end in sight.
Im out of here. This is beginning to be a pity blog. I will be back when I can be me again, not someone I don't like.


  1. Celeste
    Don't ever worry about this sounding like a pity blog, we want to hear from you always.  Glad you are eating healthy and the walking is a good thing.  No sweat about not making it as far the second day, just hang in there and keep walking.  :)

  2. LOL, join my pity party.  We'll be over it in a few days, right?

  3. Celeste, Have you had your thyroid checked lately? Even a slight dip can make one feel"sluggish"!

  4. We all have days like that... better days will come.

  5. ... it is your blog ... so there isn't any 'pity' just what you feel ...

    ... walking 2 miles that first day is just great ..!  to FOLLOW with a half mile is fine too ... you only need to do 3-4 days to start, and going a mile a crack would do ... any more than that is super excellent ..!

    ... same with the food ... doing that for a month and you will see a big difference ..!

  6. You did well to walk 2 miles ~ do that a couple of times a week and the weight will fall off ~ Household chores do go get very boring and never ending ~ Ally x

  7. It sounds like you got a lot done at least, and hey! A half mile is better than nothing.

  8. We like you anyway :-)



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