Friday, April 11, 2008


 Brook likes this part of Tae Kwon Do! LOL Here,she and another black belt testee is working out. I just love how she so easily tosses him. I did not get it but the smile she has when she does it is priceless.


The garden is in the ground. At least the beginnings of my garden is in the ground. I got the Brussels sprouts and the broccoli  in this morning. Yesterday I tilled and weeded it. I was hoping that the forecast would be right and we would get some rain. So far it looks as if it will miss us.


This sure was a hard winter. We need to replace the battery on the tractor and possibly the alternator on it also. The starter was replaced on the riding lawnmower and new blades were put on it. The motorcycle had the battery replaced and now must have the alternator/generator replaced(rebuilt).


The grass is coming up good and the horses are gaining weight fast. I need to get in touch with the breeder and get Crystal over there. Not sure if we want to attempt doing anything with Precious after last year. See here 


Okay time to get ready. Brook has demo practice tonight.  They are getting ready for the talent show at the mall. Don't worry I will be sure to capture it on film! LOL I will be posting links in the futire for you to vote on the cutest little martial arts artist there is. Of course there will be others with her...

Ok see y'all later


  1. Yes let us know I will vote for her. Paula

  2. Hey I saw that is a beauty....know you are proud...and you should be....keep us updated with her progress....glad the garden is doing well....we got rain this morning...big time rain....sunny now tho...hugs...Ora

  3. ... I remember when I first discovered I was good at my 'fighting art' ... I would have a small, bashful smile when people would talk about my abilty to box ...

    ... like knowledge, the ability to impose your will on another person physically is something that inspires confidence and growth ... IMO, of course ..!

  4. Winter came back here.  Supposed to be back to spring next week, though.  I'm sick of cold.

  5. She is so cute! I was shocked to see her just throw that other kid down! I had to replay it 3 times! LOL!
    I'm glad you got your garden started. Have a good Sunday!

  6. Great video!  Way to go Brook!
    I'm glad you are getting some of your garden planted, and I hope it does well this year.


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