Monday, April 21, 2008

crazy night

Last night , or rather, this morning, was crazy. I woke up at 3:30 after getting to bed at 1 am. Not a good thing to do. At least it wasn.t last night. Partial thoughts, sometimes just words started running through my head:DVT, diapers, the ABC's, the car is, nose hair, jag, Disney, credit cards, taxes, weeds, blond,  corns, frogs. Some of these make no sense at all to me.  I started doing my can't sleep countdown which usually works but words kept flying in there with them. This went on until 4:45 at least. That was the last time I saw the clock. the alarm went off at 6 am. I really do not feel as if I had any sleep. It can't possibly be because I haven't could it?  I will go back to bed in a bit. My eyes are hurting and soon my head will be.

I watched a Hallmark movie last night on TV. Those movies always make me cry so much. It was about the family of a little boy that went deaf. the parents, one hearing, the other deaf were at odds with each other over getting their son a cochlear implant. Personally I would get one. Sound is so amazing. I watch our birds all the time. Sometimes I can hear a note or 2 from some of them. I will see their beska open and their throats moving and when that sound does reach my ears it brings a smile and at times tears. When I talk on the phone, people will comment on how loud the birds are and I am not hearing anything. LOL If I am talking on the phone with you, it is also best that you do not say anything that you don't want others to hear unless you know I am in praivate. My phone is as loud as it goes and I do know that other people that can hear good can hear you.

 I have little tiny peaches on my tree. I do hope that the cold weather we had this week did not kill them. Maybe, just maybe I will get some peaches off of our very own trees. I have a bunch of old tires around here. I have been trying to come up with something to do with them that is pretty and productive. I have seen planters made out of them that do not look like tires. They were turned inside out and cut See here

k I am back to bed. My toothpicks holding my eyes open have broke.


  1. Hope you get a bit more sleep...and you wake up refreshed and not hurting anywhere....and I would recommend a cochlear implant to everyone that needs it...I was blessed when I got mine...and I can hear most everything being said...but the telephone...I didn't use it for so long...have a hard time with it....God Bless....Ora in KY

  2. Are you serious about the words?  I used to get that when I was in my teens.  People saying words.  I think they call it voices in your head.  I never told anyone about it, and I don't have it anymore.  maybe it was certain kinds of stress back then.  On daughter had meningitis when she was 23 yo.  She is turning 40 now.  but she lost her hearing in one ear.  Thank God,  it could have been so much worse with both ears.  But the hospital never made much about it....the doc just said to her " Yeah, thats probobly from all the medication or from the high fever.  She has never looked any further into it.  Stay well.  Marlene

  3. Wow, a rather strange night all the way around.  Hope today is kind to you.  -  Barbara

  4. I didn't sleep so well last night either.  Cliff and I both have this cold that keeps us coughing and hacking all night.  I won't be doing much today.

  5. I hope you get some rest today. Take lots of vitamin C so you won't get sick from lack of sleep!!

  6. ... glad to know that someone else watched that with me ..!  When you have good actors (Jeff Daniels and Marlee Matlin) handling the roles, you can't help but root for the happy ending that you know is coming ..!

  7. Hope you get some much needed rest Celeste.
    Love ya,

  8. When I was young we had two planters made out of big tractor tires.  I have no idea how they were made, but my Dad did it somehow.  When people call here quite often they get to hear our tiels and keets singing or wolf-whistling in the background.  They'll just have to get used to it, because when the bird hear me talking on the phone, they think I'm talking to them, so if they weren't already making noise, they start.  You know, Eler Beth and I both had trouble sleeping last night, too.  It's a full moon, and quite often that makes me have trouble sleeping.  And as you can see, I'm having trouble sleeping tonight too! lol

  9. Insomnia sure does suck - I hope you got some good sleep!



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