Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday morning

I went walking this morning, 2 miles. The walk is actually easy for me especially now that I have new shoes. My feet did not hurt afterwards know I have to keep it up. I also must be vigilant about my eating. I tend to eat when I am alone and I am alone a lot. It is not the sweets that get me, it is just regular food. Starting today I will try harder to stop my hand from going to my mouth with food in it. I had a lite breakfast this morning before walking. I had 1/2 cup of Fiber One Caramel Delight cereal . It was so good. Of course I am hungry now but I will not eat until noon. that means I have 2 hours to go. Be right back. I am going to fix a cup of hot tea . back. I love my tea. I drink it year round. I will take a cup of hot tea over iced tea any day.

Anytime there is a horse loose in the neighborhood I always get called. I had a horse that has the reputation of getting out. Not the horse's fault, I have poor fencing. It has been patched so much that it could pass for a patchwork quilt! LOL. Anyway, last night I get a call, your horse is out. Now I knew it was not mine. I was sitting outside when I got the call and I could see all 3 of our horses. People really do not pay attention to details. This person insisted that the horse looked just like our Crystal. . Crystal has a lot of white on her face, a chestnut mane and tail and crystal blue eyes. She also has 4 white stockings up to her knees and 4 white hooves. The horse that "looks" like Crystal has a narrow band of white on her face, brown eyes, no white anywhere else and a black mane and tail. But she looks just like her! I guess it is like at a crime scene. 4 people will give 4 different descriptions of the same person.

I started shampooing carpet again last night. I have part of the living room done. I can only do part at a time because I am moving furniture around and getting everywhere. I have to let one section dry so I can move stuff into it. I have not put the love seat back in here. I think I will put it in the bedroom. I plan on moving the saddle rack into the living room. right now it is in our bedroom. With warmer weather here and gas prices so high I think we will be riding more.
Speaking of riding. We did ride Sunday. It was a good ride. I want to ride more but I am unable to get my cinch tight enough. Precious is a round horse with very low whithers, almost none at all!. So if the saddle is not extra tight it will slide around fast on her. So I have been checking into a different type cinch. It is called a Smart Cinch,
Neoprene Smart Cinches
  • Nylon and 1/4" thick neoprene straight and roper cinches.
  • The shock-absorbing neoprene is easy-to-clean, withstands the elements and moves with the horse.
  • Webbing detaches from neoprene for easy cleaning.
  • Nylon off billet holder.
  • Stainless steel buckles (including patented Roll Snug© Cinch Buckle) and dees.
  . I think that this is what I need. Check out the link to see how you use it. It is really neat.
Ok I am done for now. <<<pats self on back for writing 2 days in a row!
See y'all later.


  1. stopping in to say HI! Hope you have a great day!


  2. Celeste
    I'm proud of you getting out and walking as well as starting to control the hand to mouth movement.  I had to go through that and it is hard!  Glad you guys did get to ride Sunday, I hope training the horse to trailer isn't as tough as you expect it to be.  Wish Brook good luck at the talent contest!

  3. Celeste,    I get such a kick out of reading about horses by you and also Mosie.
                   OMG in my neighborhood they want to make us keep our cats inside.  I               I can't imagine a horse running loose.   Marlene

  4. I'm going to try that cereal!! Sounds good and healthy!
    I've never EVER seen a horse with such blue eyes. I would love to see that. Hope you have a good day.

  5. ... good for you on your walking ... I am wondering if there is hard surfaces to walk on, or is it more a forgiving terrain ... that makes a difference on your joints ... being in a city, I have be raised up running on sidewalks ...

    ... hard for people who aren't that attentive to be able to tell your horses apart ... they are THINKING in the right way ... unless they are the kind of neighbors that are harboring secret ill will ... you know, 'dag, they let there horse get out, people like that don't deserve a horse', you know, a resentment ...

  6. People tend to blame John when a cow gets out on the farm to market road. Guess 'cause he has so many in that area. Maybe they need you to help get them back in because you're good at it. Paula

  7. thats nice that people let you know if one gets out though

  8. Good for you Celeste!!  I'm glad y'all did get to ride.  -  Barbara

  9. I eat Fiber One almost every morning with half a banana and a few raisins.  

  10. 2 Miles is a pretty good walk! You know, I have lost a couple of pounds in the last month or so.....but am not actually trying...but I have yet to feel any relief in my old bones! I know I need to lose a whole lot more...but my down fall is coke-a-cola  and sweet tea !
    love ya,

  11. Do you use a breast strap?I used one with fleece lining so there was no rubbing.I felt a whole lot more secure.When my cinch strap broke(brand new-first time used) is when I and the saddle fell to the pavement and I got 3 crushed discs.
    Have fun riding -wish I could go along with my Socky(sigh)

  12. Great going on the walking!  I need new shoes for my walking.  I don't have the right kind at all.  I guess I'll be going shoe shopping soon.  Good to see you posting.  I hope you're having a good week.

  13. Walking is wonderful, especially since you are in the country :-)



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