Thursday, April 10, 2008

garden, grass and other news

I have had a couple of beautiful days weather wise. Sunshine and perfect temperatures had the effect of getting me outside and into the light. My garden is clear of weeds and I am getting the ground worked. I really must get the plants in the ground today even if the whole garden is not ready. I will just have to use my weasel to finish up the ground. We are due rain tonight and tomorrow and rain will do the plants a world of good. I need to check on my peach trees. I have kind of ignored them because I never get any fruit off of them. A freeze or wind usually kills off all chances of getting peaches from my own trees.

My daughter came over yesterday and brought the Dixie Chopper and cut the grass. It took her 2 hours to cut the place. the same area she cut would have taken me about 10 hours on my mower. That is one heck of a machine! I would love to have this machine!

I used the weed eater while she was cutting grass. Between working in the garden and that my back is killing me today! 

It does a body good to get outside again.

Today is the 10th. 5 days to go on taxes. Have you filed yours yet?

I got a new phone. I like it and I hate it. I cannot hear any of the ring tones on it. I have been looking into buying one. It appears the only one I can hear so far is an ambulance! Not sure I want that one. I was hoping I could record something and set it as my ring tone but that is not possible. The phone won't do that. But it takes great pictures! LOL and I can hear people talking on it real good. I am thinking that maybe if I got a Bluetooth I will not have to worry about the ring tones 

Dryer is buzzing(it is never done!) have a good day.


  1. ... I like reading honest, everyday entries ..!  Once I get to Detroit, I would like to learn how to garden, and buy a few plants, a couple to keep in the house, and some outside ... SSH! about the weather ..!  It has been fairly pleasant here in Michigan, not that warm, but very pretty and temperate ... have the best day ..!

  2. We've only had highs in the low fortieslately.  ARRRGGGHHH!!!!


  3. Sounds like a good week Celeste!  As for taxes, ours have been filed, we've recieved our refund and spent it.  LOL  We had some legal work done, paid property taxes with it.  Renewed lisences on the vehicles.  Caught up the car insurance.  Saw some doctors.  Bought Hannah, who is growing leaps and bounds this year, a new school wardrobe, and for our single splurge we bought a wonderful new Acer PC with Vista.  Lovin' it!  -  BArbara

  4. Wow Celeste you've been a busy lady. That Dixie Chopper looks like a neat machine. Paula

  5. I LOVE my bluetooth.  Actually, it's Kevin's, but he doesn't use it, and it's compatible with my phone, so I use it.  It's awesome.

  6. Maybe you could download a ringtone that you like?
    I did a little yard work today, but no planting.  Soon, maybe.  I think I'll do some container gardening this year.

  7. Celeste
    Glad you were abe to get outside and get some work done in the garden.  That was nice of your daughter tobring that super mowing machine over to work out at your house this time.  I hope she makes a habit of it for you.  Kinda strange to have a phone that you can hear everyone on very well but can't hear the ringtones, but knowing now about your hearing problems I do understnad and sympathize.  I do hope you find a ringtone that you like AND can hear.  It's great hearing from you again.  Take care!

  8. Wow that's a great lawnmower! Riding on that would make the chore a lot of fun!
    Glad you got outside and did some work. Sorry your back hurts. I hope you feel better tomorrow.
    Have a good night.

  9. Glad you got out into the yard etc....and take it easy today with the day at a time ladybug!!!  and I love the differet ring tones...I can hear them go off....specially out in public...and it is amazing to see all the folks frantically look for their phones LOLOL.....take care....God Bless...hugs...Ora

  10. Oh my!  That Dixie Chopper is something else!  It looks like something out of a science fiction film, LOL.

    Krissy :)

  11. Hook your phone on your belt and set it to vibrate. Then you don't need to worry about hearing it! A Bluetooth device might not get loud enough - I am not sure.



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