Thursday, November 1, 2007

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Halloween is over and now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is my big meal. I love cooking for that day. Christmas, well, Christmas is eating from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day. I have already started buying what I need to cook with and of course there is much more to get. Did I mention I love to cook? Looking for some candied lemon peel and candied orange peel at the store now. I need it very soon. I really do not want to make it but if I do not find it soon I will.

Here it is I am talking cooking and eating and I need to lose some serious weight. My weight has been creeping up and I am not sure if it is because of my thyroid being out of whack or if I am overeating or both. I have had heartburn everyday. that usually happens when I hit over what I was weighing. Ok over 190. There i said it for everyone to know. I have been thinking of just stop eating. I won't do that so please don't get on to me. Been there, done that and never want to return. Ok. . Today I did not do so good. I actually did bad. No walking today.  Tomorrow I walk again.

It has happened. We are under mandatory water reducions. We have been ordered to reduce our water usage by 10% and no outside watering at all. Nothing has been said on what happens if we don't do it. Since they only read in the 1000 part how will they tell? I do not use 10000 gallons a month! I use far less than that. I already conserve. I take 5 minute showers. The toliet is not flushed everytime(unless there is poop in it), the dishwasher is only ran when full. the washer is also fully loaded. I use paper plates for less washing. Any leftover water in teapot goes to birds or animals. I have no inside plants and the outside plants are dead or dying. I do not run the water when brushing teeth. No drips anywhere (unless you count my next door neighbor, he is a drip) I am saving on electricity also. I have changed almost all of the lightbulbs with the curly bulbs.

I am by myself again. Once again a night in front of the computer by myself.


  1. the comment about neighbor LOLOL...and isn't it something how we cut back when we have to...can find many ways to do so...but will surely be glad when the water situation is over...we are not under no watering...but you feel guilty if you use an extra cup or so...LOL...happy evening in front of computer...hugs...Ora

  2. Celeste
    It sure sounds like you are doing all you can to conserve water.  No one here will ever make fun of you or criticize you for your weight.  We take your friendship just as it is offered... unconditionally!  Now, having said that, I HAVE been dieting and excersizing in a serious way.  This started in July and I have lost 25 pounds.  I have a way to go to reach my goals.  Holiday season is a terrible time to try to lose weight.  This year I am going to just hope I can stay where I am not not lose ground.

    Sorry you are alone tonight.  I hope Pat gets home safe!  Take Care!

  3. I don't think I really like to cook.....think it's just something I'm supposed to do.  :oP   Think lots of little changes re the weight issue.  It's easier to swallow.  -  Barbara

  4. I struggle over my weight all the time.. I hate it
    I love favorate meal
    Donna In TEXAS

  5. I used to love cooking for the holidays...but now my kids are grown and doing their own thing...this year daughter will be with grandparents so hunnie and I are going out!
    WOW....we have not been told to cut back on water tho we are 24 inches below the water tables....we do not water anything outside....we no longer use the dishwasher...we use paperplates all the time...I don't think we could cut back anymore then we do....
    good luck finding the things you need to cook...

  6. My thyroid goes up and down too. Always having to change doses. Maybe thats why I've gained lately. I don't feel I overeat but I do eat what I want and I want candy, ice cream etc. lol Sounds as if you are doing a good job on conserving water. Paula

  7. I just dread these upcoming holidays...especially without my mom.  


  8. I have no excuse about not losing weight except what I eat! There has been candy everywhere...and do I resist?? Heck no!! Last night DL was handing out candy to us as we left. And we could take as much as we wanted. GOOD stuff, too!
    I took ONE piece....and then on the shuttle to our parking lot a security guard gave me TWO more!! It's everywhere!!

    Had to laugh at the neighbor who is a drip!
    Take it easy today..Pam

  9. I like Thanksgiving too! not the cooking part though. The eating part-which is something I need to quit doing because I am fat and I kept the weight I gained when I was preggers w/ Wee One. Hes going to be 4yo in a week. I wish I could stop eating.....if only it were that easy!

  10. The holiday season starts WAY too early for me.  I don't want to begin to think about it yet.

    It sounds like you are doing your part to conserve.  Good for you.  We all tend to be too wasteful.

    I hope you get out for your walk.  I know how hard it is to reclaim a habit once I've slipped.


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