Friday, November 9, 2007


The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value
- Charles Dudley Warner -

This statement is so true.I know people that think they need to spend loads of money on gifts and the person they gave it to really did not like it. Many times it is because the person giving the gift does not have a clue about what the other person likes or maybe it is because they don't care. What they want is for people to ooo and awww because of the expensive gift. It is a matter of prestige. I got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas one year. There were people saying that they could not believe that Pat would give me something like that. I loved it. I am a practical person for the most part. I needed a cleaner and I would not have bought me anywhere near as good of a machine as he did for me. I am easy to please.LOL I like things for my kitchen and my home. I wear very few pieces of jewelry, no fancy clothes and I am not a shoe person.

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  1. LOL! This is sooo true! When we first got together, G would buy me the gifts that he thought I should like, and I would be like, "Oh, Thanks....' ;p
    Good example: The first year we played New York he had saved up some money and had been hinting that he had something for me. Since I had stopped and drooled at a digital camera (this was years ago and would have been my first one, I was still using film) MANY times while we were out shopping, I was hyped. He had said that it was something he -knew- I would like. So, he comes in with a box... a very small box... I look at it and realize that there is NO way there is a camera in there. I open it up and there is a beautiful pair of solitaire diamond earings. <sigh> I bought myself the camera a few months later. The camera was used excessively until it died a few months ago.... I've worn the earings about 5 times in the 6 years since he got them for me. Now, he knows that I prefer things to use, or things for the critters over jewelry/clothes, but poor thing.... He thought I was a girly girl at first <LOL>

  2. Hi very first christmas with hubby...and coming from a family who didn't exchange gifts....just didn't have the where withal LOL...we were poor!!!! I really didn't know what to expect from hubby...I got him a shirt...being a preacher he always needed white shirts!!!!  and he got me (and the package under the tree was sooooooo big!!!!....) a vacuum you I needed it badly...LOL...we had a great day together LOL...using my new vacuum!!!!  like you also...I am easy to things for my home or kids more than myself....happy day to ya...Ora

  3. I too like a gift I want and can use. Something that someone has put some time into and made for me is even more cherished as I know it came from the heart.  Those are the kind of gifts I prefer to give and receive.


  4. My boss once thought it was terrible that (her girl's) husbands bought them appliances for Christmas. Of course whe wasn't married. lol You're my kind of woman thats why in the describing a person with one word thingy I called you simple. I hoped I didn't offend you as I wanted to say down to earth but that is three words. lol Paula

  5. Celeste I love sensible presents like a vacuum cleaner or anything for the home ~ I much prefer anything like that to something like jewellery which I don't really need ~ Ally x

  6. I do like jewelry, but it's rare when I receive something I like from someone else. I like to pick out my own LOL!
    I would have loved a vacuum!! When I was married we couldn't afford a new vacuum so we got an old used one from his Mom that never worked right. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I finally bought myself a vacuum that I love! If my hubby had gotten me one I'd have been thrilled!

    One of my best gifts for Xmas I got was a gun! Yep...a gun! We liked to go shooting. And I didn't have my own gun. So my exhubby got me one. A brand new Lady Smith and Wesson with a rosewood handle. Everyone was shocked! How could I actually LOVE a gun. But, I did, and still do!
    Have a good weekend.

  7. I used to dread the gift-buying season before the concept of gift cards came along.


  8. I sometimes wish I had someone to give me a thoughtful present, like a vacuum cleaner, or a ring, or whatever I need or want. You are blessed with both practicality and Pat. Margo


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