Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas preps

Thanksgiving I got my lights up outside. I had bought some blue and white icicle lights after Christmas last year for 50 cents a box. I was determined to get them up if I had to do it myself. (I am afraid of heights but I do overpower my fear when needed).
Now come the inside work. Yesterday I put my Thanksgiving and fall decorations back in the box and started hauling out the Christmas stuff. LOL Now my living room is full of boxes to be emptied. My tree is up, lights on but the branches are bare. I am not sure if I am going to wait on the kids to get here(they may not even show :( today ) or do it myself. I feel like changing things up a bit this year so I am not sure how I am going to decorate. It will be a challenge. The birds cannot be moved since they have babies. I moved the love seat outside and put it in the van so I would have a spot for the tree. That leaves less seating but that is okay. I don't get many visitors here. No one stops by and knocks on my door except for the electric guy when I forget to pay the bill. I can count on one hand the number of times Pat's family has come down in the past 14 years, invited and uninvited times. Oh well. I decorate for me, for my enjoyment.
I have a bicycle in my living room right now. I bought it for a little boy that will not be having a great Christmas. His mama has not been able to work much in the last year because of a seizure problem and his daddy has been short of work too. New construction plumbers don't work much if no one is buying houses. It is not much. I got it at Wal-Mart for $29 on Black Friday. Yes that is right, I shopped that morning. Pat went with me and bought my Christmas present. He has already given it to me. He got me a new camera! I love it. It has 10x optical zoom! I have already been snapping pictures with it! I have taken pictures of my toes (ugh I need a pedicure!), Donna, the birds, the stove, lol.
It is cold here. Yesterday it got up  to 47 for our high. They were calling for sleet and snow last night. I did not look! Snow is fine but not sleet! Sleet last night, rain today, thunderstorms tomorrow, then sunshine for the rest of the week, what a mixedup weather forecast!
I guess that is it for now. I need to get busy cleaning a few spots up so I can decorate them.


  1. Thats a nice touch getting the bike for the child..
    My tree is up too and decorated..lights up outside..I'm getting there...;-)

  2. I usually don't put anything up for Christmas until about two weeks before.   But it'll be here before I know it.   ;o)  - Barbara

  3. that is awesome that you got to meet people from J-land....I have done that - it seems to make the world just a little smaller and so much more comfortable!!!
    I had my hunnie buy some christmas supplies...hopefully we will get to the decorations soon!!!
    I hope the sleet does not last for you - that is the worst part about winter!
    take care
    p.s. - take lots of pics of the decorations...and what kind of camera did you get?

  4. Celeste
    You and Pat are kind souls, indeed.  You touched my heart by buying that bike for the youngster.  Folks like you two make this world turn.  Yes, you do!  I'm also impressed with your getting the lights up.  I'll get started on mine this week.  Congratulations on your new camera.  That was nice of Pat to give it to you early so that you could show Donna and take pictures of their visit with it.  Yes, you packed a lot of good things into this post.  Smiling here!

  5. Hey I know what you can do (you do want to know, don't you) since you have the love seat in the van you can pick up Brook's friends and all go Christmas Caroling. Wouldn't that be fun? You are on the ball with the decorating. Paula

  6. That is soo sweet of you to get him the bike.

  7. What a good person you are. I am so glad I know you.

  8. What a wonderful person you are!  You have touched my heart w/your kindness.  I am close to tears...

  9. That was soooo nice to buy that bike! What a treat for that youngster. I love that you got a camera! I want a new one so bad with a good zoom like yours.
    Enjoy your decorations...and enjoy your holiday.


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