Tuesday, November 27, 2007

getting there

I am getting there with all my Christmas preps. The tree is decorated, the stockings are hung and visions of sugarplums are dancing in my head. Or maybe that is the pain of the toothache making my head dance. There are daggers sticking in my leg belonging to a white kitty wanting my lap. He is there now.LOL He smells so good. He has been outside all day. His favorite place to be is in my lap. Right now he is laying on one of my arms making it a bit difficult to type.
I have done some more shopping. I love Christmas. I bought some stuff for the boy's sister. She is  6 months younger than Brook. She likes girl stuff. There is not a tomboyish bone in her body. I got her some baby doll stuff.
made some banana bread today. It tastes good. The only problem is 2 loaves came out of the pans nicely and two broke in half. Oh well. I guess I have some banana bread to eat!
Does anybody know why the more you clean the more there is to clean? Is it some sort of weird Murphy's Law?


  1. Hope you don't have a toothache really.  That is one of the worst types of pain there is.  That kitty sounds so sweet.  I hope to have one of my own by or for Christmas.  My little Katie also is into the prissy stuff.  She'll be four next week.

    Cleaning makes a bigger mess.  It's weird but it does.  It just moves the stuff around. lol

    Been making bread off and on for a week.  Just in the mood to bake lately.


  2. I was a "bah, humbug".  LOL.

  3. Gee, I'm glad Mosie confessed to being the one, "Bah, Humbug."  I was wondering, LOL.  Sorry to hear about your tooth ache, I know how miserable that can be.  I'm saving up my coins for a trip to the dentist myself.  You did a great job of typing for having a kitty sleeping on your arm.

  4. i love everything about Christmas!!

  5. Celeste I love Christmas ~ and have nearly finished my shopping ~ hope your Dentist sort that toothache out for you ~ you are right about the cleaning there is always something to do around the house ~ Ally x

  6. any banana bread you care to share is more then welcome here..lol
    sounds like your decorating and shopping are coming to a finish...that is grand...I think I am done christmas shopping....I have no idea right now...have no idea which family we will see or not see....geez -
    well enjoy the kitty...love it when they cuddle

  7. Wow good for you getting all of that done. And baking, too! I love banana bread....now I'm craving it with a nice cup of coffee.
    Have a good night.


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