Saturday, November 10, 2007

Common denomimator

If you are searching for the common denominator in your life, you are in luck. You are it. Now that you know you are the only consistent factor in any situation, you can begin to figure out how you are contributing to your recurring challenges and problems. This is great news because, once you realize you are at least part of the problem, you can begin to change your behavior, beliefs and attitudes that are contributing to the situation. Keep in mind that you have to concern yourself only with you, not with anyone else. You are the only one you can change. So don’t focus outside yourself. Focus on the common denominator. You will be amazed at the difference this process will make in your life. ~Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD


  1. Sounds like good advice. I should make a plaque with these words and hang it over my computer. Paula

  2. When people tell Me there problems I say what is the common denominator in these issues and usually it them and there bad decsions
    Donna In TEXAS

  3. Celeste
    To learn that I can't force everyone else to bend to my will is devastating news!  Naw, just kidding.  This is an excelent observation and a true start to self awareness and taking charge of one's life and circumstances.

  4. This isn't mere phsycology, but spiritual truth.  Just take a situation or a person you have a problem with to God in sincere prayer and see where He starts working will almost always begin in you.  -  Barbara

  5. What a truth!  It is common sense, but just something you never think about, isn't it?  Thank you so much for this reminder.


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