Saturday, June 17, 2006


I was going to take the horses today to the vet to get their Coggins Test. This prove to be a futile exercise. Crystal started rearing up so there was no loading her. Precious loaded right on the trailer then after she was hitched in there she started panicking. Luckily I was able to calm her down enough to release her without anyone or her getting hurt. The reasons of Precious panic attack goes back to here Precious and here is some more, and here. That was the last time she was on a trailer. As far as Crystal we have no idea what is wrong. She used to load with no trouble but now she fights. All I wanted to do was save about $100 by taking them there not having vet come here. How am I supposed to take them anywhere if I cannot get them to load?

o well I guess I will get back to my interupted cleaning. I hate cleaning. I need to be rich and have a full time housekeeper!


  1. Sorry you could not get the horses to load.  It is always nice to save money if you can but if they are that stressed out then it is better not to put them through it.

  2. I would like a housekeeping fairy of my own!

    Sorry about the horses, but you don't want them overstresed anwyay, do you? Can you slowly desensitize them to being loaded? A little every day or once a week or however often would work?


  3. hestiahomeschoolJune 17, 2006 at 2:51 PM

    Lord, I am glad that we only have to chip in and pay for the vet to come to the boarding stable for Dakota and Strawberry's stuff.  You are the first to know we've added another horse to our family!!

  4. Poor Precious i wount wont in that trailer either!
    Maybe crystal is recating to Precious's fear
    Can you cover their heads and lead tham in

  5. That poor horse what a horrible thing , its heart breaking.
    Im glad shes ok now.

  6. so happy that Brook is doing better...and sorry about the horses...I enjoy pictures of and watching horses run at races...and seeing them in pastures....but otherwise don't want anything to do with them maybe if you quietly explain to both of those varmints why you want them in that trailer....they will co operate???  no...didn't think so LOLOL...have a great day...hugs from KY....Ora

  7. For a second, I thought of something WAY different when you said you had to "load" the horses!

  8. What a horrible story. Why was Precious in a pasture with a stud horse and another mare? That is craziness. She is very lucky. Precious looks like a lovely mare. C'mon over and visit the reservation sometime, horselovers are always welcome!


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