Wednesday, June 14, 2006

catching up

So much going on here. Some people might want to skip first paragraph.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a follow-up on female exam. Good news I guess. Turns out that I will have mini monthlies because my cervix is still in me. I also have polyups there, non cancerous. I did not realize until yesterday WHY I still have my cervix. Turns out I had so much scar tissue that my cervix is bound to my colon and removal of it would or could cause major problems for me.

Brook is doing well. Her arm does not hurt her anymore. We go Friday to get more x-rays to make sure everything is still in place. She misses her Tae Kwon Do. I miss going to. I really enjoy seeing all the kids work out and play.

Pat has been back on first shift again. This may be his last week there though. The man he is working in place of is supposed to be back next week. He had to take time off to finish up his chemo treatments.

K is at her daughter's house. The day we took K to hospital her house was broke into again and the thermostat was turned all the way up. Does not sound like much but it turned out to be. The next day the state arson investigator came out to check out the fire and get all the info. The smoke detector had been tampered with(battery removed). They also found that someone had destroyed the lines on her heat pump! The raising of the thermostat was just a cover-up! The unit could very well be damaged beyond repair. So now, no refrigerator, no water, no A/C and no heat. She has no money as she is waiting on her disability to get fixed.(Ex hubby screwed that up!). K's daughter and I got the protection order amended to include the street in front of her house. They are trying to get him to come in voluntarily to take a polygraph test but so far no dice. The ex has already gone in to take one. This man, and I use that term loosely, needs to be stopped.

Time to get busy. Garden is calling, and so is cleaning out fridge and going to the dump and laundry. Ok I am tired now LOL.


  1. Glad that your check up was o.k. and that the family are doing fine.  God bless

  2. I am sorry for your friend's problems.


  3. Glad to hear you and Brook are doing well. As for the man that we use the term loosely on... aren't there some people people in the world that you just wish a stray bullet would find?

  4. OMGosh on the fire alarm!  That is beyond arson...that is attmepted murder!  How scary for her!  Jae

  5. Hi Celeste,  I`m glad your check was good news for you.  That man is really bad news, I hope the police find him, he can`t be allowed to get away with this!

    Sandra xxxx

  6. Glad to see that Brook got a good report
    I hope the polices can protect your friend from this mad man

  7. Glad to hear Pat is on first shift now...and glad to hear about Brooks good report...take care,TerryAnn

  8. Glad you got fairly good, if not somewhat confusing news about yourself.  Very happy to know Brook is getting on well!  Hope God blesses and heals Pat's co-worker.  Know you'll be glad to have him around more regular times again.  This is just awful what your friend is up against!!  He seems pure evil.  -  Barbara


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