Friday, June 16, 2006

bones and stuff

Took Brook to the doctor today and she had new x-rays taken. The bone had shifted a tiny bit but not enough to warrant re breaking it and doing surgery. It is still in a straight alignment. No surgery! She gets cast off July 7th if there is enough healing. After that she will be in a brace splint that can be removed for bathing and eating. Little stuff it can come off for.but it has to be on for outside and other stuff. He told her no picking anything up with that arm now or after cast is removed. The good news in 3 weeks she can get in the pool! She will be so happy!

Here she is in her red cast and new kittens. Aren't they cute? Susie sure can produce cute babies no matter who the daddy is! LOL

My friend K is doing much better. Still working on getting herself back mentally. Everything is still in havoc but she is surviving. Pat is going to fix her water tonight when he gets home. We got her a box fan to move the air around in the house. Trying to find a refrigerator for her. She has no money right now. Her sister sent money to have alarm system turned on. We go to court next week and see what happens then. Still no arrests on the arson job.

Pat goes back to second next week. I am going to hate it. I will be spending a lot of time alone after that. Brook has been staying at her mama's more now even though she begs me to stay here. This week she has been wanting to go there because they have been going to Riverbend Festival most nights. Tonight is Trisha Yearwood. Closing night is tomorrow with the Allman Brothers and fireworks. Kenny Rogers, Angie Stone, Hank Williams, Jr, Audio Adrenaline, Los Lonely Boys and Sugarland were just a few of the many performers this year. $30 for 8 days of concerts is a pretty good deal I think. In all I believe there are over 100 bands and performers in the 8 day period.

Belle is happy. I went to see her today and she is being petted to pieces.

That's it for now. Time to get busy and get cookies out of oven (White Chocolate Macadama Nut)


  1. ally123130585918June 16, 2006 at 3:59 PM

    Hi Celeste I am glad Brook will be able to go in the pool in three weeks time ~ and every thing is going well with her broken arm ~ love the pic and the kittens are just adorable ~ as is Brook The Riverside Festival sounds good ~ sounds like a good deal for $30 ~ I am so glad Belle is happy and being spoilt and petted to pieces ~ but I bet you miss her ~  Ally x

  2. So glad that she only has three weeks left to the plaster cast and then it is pool time...that is wonderful news....the kittens are adorable...Don't you wish they would stay that small?
    your friend remains in my prayers...keep us updated.

  3. I wanna sign the cast!!!

  4. Glad Brook is some better. Hey, those cookies sounds so good!

  5. Oh Man I wont to come over for cookies!!!!
    Are you yard saleing on 95 this weekend?
    the oldest and youngest have been going to riverbend this week. The middle girl dosnt like it.
    Glad Brooks arm is still doing good
    Is Belle staying in the fence for her new owner?

  6. Good to hear all is well! Does Brook know about the pool? Love the pic! However I would like to see one that shows her face more.

  7. So glad about Brook, wonderful news and that is a great picture. I do wish I lived near you, I would give that ginger kitten a home as soon as it was old enough to go, I have been after one for such a long time.

  8. The splint will be easy for her to wear. Good job - no surgery! Adorable child and kittens - always a good combination :)


  9. Glad Brook got to have such a hot color for her cast!  And very glad to hear she won't be in it very long.  Good news about Belle too.  I know it helps you to know that.  Now box me up some cookies!!!  -  Barbara

  10. Oh you have a Susie cat too except mine can't have babies anymore. Cute picture. Glad Brook can get in the pool before summer is over. Wish I could come get in with her. Its hot! Paula


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