Monday, June 26, 2006

10 good things

It has been awhile since I have done my 10 good things. I must get back into the habit. It is good to look back over the past week and find those things however small they may be.

10 Good Things: June 19-25, 2006

1. I faced an abuser in court and helped get him locked up for 10 days and court ordered counseling.

2. Rain finally fell on my part of the world and the ground drank it up. My corn is no longer parched.

3. Pat still has a job even though he is back on second shift.

4. My air conditioner worked this week while the temps were over 100 degrees.

5. I made over $120 recycling my drink cans,copper,and brass.

6. I lost the weight I had gained. I am done to 175 again.

7. They caught the kids that were involved in several gang shootings last week. Yes kids, 15, 16 and 17 years old. Gangs. 13 year old shot and 2 other dead. The 13 year old was not in gang.

8. My keyboard still works after getting coke spilled in it.

9. I visited with my friend and had a really good time.

10. I remembered and told stories about my mama and did not cry.


  1. What a good week!  Jae

  2. Guess you had a very interesting week, huh? Well done!! rich

  3. I just love your positive outlook on life!  Sounds like you had a great week.  Mine was great also...hubby and I got to sneak off for a couple of days in the motorhome...

    Take Care,

  4. Ah ha! So you returned to your old digs, eh?  :-)

  5. Awesome list!!


  6. Be sure next time you spill into your keyboard to flip it over right away and shake it! Sugar soda is much worse than diet for keyboards.

    Nice list :)


  7. This is a lot to be grateful for.  A whole lot.  It took me years to not cry when talking about my mother, and it still happens sometimes.

  8. ally123130585918June 27, 2006 at 5:03 AM

    10 good things there Celeste especially facing an abuser in court ~ Ally

  9. Great post and an excellent idea. Your list of 10 good things is 10 great things! Have a great tuesday!

  10. Great post and an excellent idea. Your list of 10 good things is 10 great things! Have a great tuesday!

  11. All very nice things even if you were probably pretty lucky with #8 (like I can talk!) I enjoy doing my ten good things list every week (well nearly every week) and like to see others do them and see what touched them this week. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Getting out of bed for me is about the only good thing for me. Wait. Maybe not. Ugh! I'm going back to bed.


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