Wednesday, August 3, 2005


It turned into a long day and i's not over yet.

Hazel's surgery was delayed several times. Having worked in a hospital I understood the delays, no one else did. They were getting irritated which was irritating me! They could not understand that things in surgery do not always go according to a strict time schedule.

The doctor came and talked to me afterwards. He is just about 99% sure that it is a cancer that was removed. They did have to do a skin graft. It was a rather large area that was cut off. Luckily they did not have to put her to sleep. They were able to use a local. He said that if the muscle was involved then he would intubate her and sedate her.

 She is home and tired and hurting. I have a headache now! LOL The stress is over and now it is time to relax.

There was a girl in the room next to her that had surgery. I do not know her name. She is in bad shape. She had cancer when she was 19 and beat it. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosised with MS. She fought that and is able to walk now without a walker. Anyway, she had a place in her neck that they feared was cancer. It turned out to be benign. She was waiting to go home and her neck started swelling. They had to rush her back into surgery. A small place in the back of where they had cut started leaking blood so it had to be repaired right away. Thank goodness she had not already left for home.

So I am home and tired but the day is not over. I have to go pick Pat up at work at midnight. YUCK. It is a 27 mile trip one way and I hate driving at night in the city.


  1. What a day. Hope you get home safely. Margo

  2. Have a safe trip getting Pat! On must be VERY  flexible  wehen dealling with hospital surgies! LOL  hope she heals well and takes care of it!

  3. Glad to hear everything went ok...even if it was a longer day than you thought.

  4. Glad that all went well although it was hard on the nerves on probably on the temper.  You must be feeling exhausted.

  5. I'm glad the surgery is over and the long worry filled wait is a thing of the past for you.  The long drive that late at night after a very full day would scare me.  I would be affraid of dozing off on the road.  You be carefull!  As to the Mars event you asked about in the previous entry, I think it's the real deal.  I think you still will need a telescope, but it will appear so much larger than ever in our lifetime.

  6. I'm glad Hazel's surgery went well.

  7. I'm glad everything went well. The poor roommate has had more then her share!

  8. You must be exhausted Celeste, I`m glad the surgery went well but I feel for you having to drive all that way when you are tired....take care,

    Sandra xxxx

  9. Wow! You are like the Energizer Bunny. You just keep on going, and going, and going. Hope you are taking care of yourself because you seem to be taking care of everybody...

  10. Ouch !! That poor girl in the next bed sounded horrible. I hope she is ok.  

    I hate driving at night eyes get all blurry with the headlight blairing in them.  Be Careful !!


  11. Understand more why you sounded upset - Hope the future holds good news..........Ally


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